Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY Matthew Williamson tassel necklace

SS 2013 fashion weeks are in full speed

...but we are going to be layered in warm clothes
 in a matter of days. (bummer)
On the bright side... some pieces on the runways 
could be season-less.

left pic: - collage by moi

this Matthew Williamson's necklace is one of them.

Can be sported over a LBD, or a turtle neck, or on a cardigan over a button-down.
... And will brighten up the gloomiest day.


And here's the best part:
I had all the supplies {no, my stash is not that huge... JK!!)
Including some pretty coins with a whole in the middle from one of my husband's recent trip to Asia.

my instagram @iamdonatella

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #12

How do we feel about cables and wires?

I would hide them all.

New technologies are more and more into wire-LESS devices,
but something, somewhere, always will be wire-WITH.

Deal with it.
Beside, it could be fun and pretty!

This week's inspiration is all about "show-it-off" 
rather than "hide-it-all"!

make it look good

-1- draw something fun using cable clips just like artist Maisie Maud Broadhead did here (scroll on picture #5 of her website and you'll have some basic tutorial)
-2- found on lifehacker, just using glue and mounting tape to make a circuit-look 
-3- a tutorial by Design Sponge to make a sculptural, fun and bold braid.

 anything looks better with leaves

-1- cable clips with bird and leaves by pa-design
-2- zip-ties with leaves by lufdesign
-3- leaves on the rubber cord cover by houzz

if it's XL, make it work

-1 & 2 - mind-blowing these knitted cables made into a light fixture by designer Kwangho Lee
-3- the coil lamp by Craighton Berman (which I love and own, and makes me smile every time I look at it!)

...So now you are looking at your cables and think... "okay maybe you're not that ugly, afterward!"

have a great Sun-DIY!!

xox, d.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Bottega Veneta woven leather bracelet

let's get ready for fall one step at the time

...starting with the right accessories, maybe?

a woven leather black bracelet, very much Bottega Veneta's style

left pic: - collage by moi

I saw this last year, at the price tag of 240$... now is on sale at 96$. 
Still not a bargain, considering that...

all you need is:

* scissors &  E-6000 glue
* 2mm round leather cord - 1 yr (from M&J trimming - check on link for details)
* braided leather bolo - 1/2 yr (from M&J trimming check on link for details)
* 1/4" x 4" leather scrap 
(if you don't have any, you can make it work with the round leather cord)
* 1 charm of your choice (mine is a sterling silver heart, similar to this one)

make the monkey's fist

* Make the monkey's fist (two videos tutorials HERE) without the sphere in the middle and leave the knot really loose (you need to see through)

* cut the excess leather cord, and make two knots at the end, so it won't slip 

* insert the charm into the jumpring

* pass the charm onto the braided bolo cord

* fold the bolo cord in half, measure it on your wrist (mine once folded is about 7 inches) and wrap the two ends together with some of the 2mm round cord, tie a knot 

* cut the 2mm round cord's ends and apply a good amount of E6000

* once the glue is dry, place it in the center of the monkey's fist (this will act as your sphere)

* now you can tie the monkey's fist knot

* cut the ends of the 2mm round cord and force it to go through the knot (use a tooth-pick)

make a loop closure 

* keep the charm at the opposite end of the monkey's fist
* apply a small amount of E6000 glue onto the 1/4" leather scrap
* place one end of the scrap at an angle onto the bolo braid
* wrap the leather around 4 or 5 times
* slip the end of the leather under the last wrapped part
* cut the excess, clean the glue's smudges... and your fall bracelet is ready!

Add this bracelet to your collection! It's easy!

xox, d.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY: lengthen a shirt à la Palmer Harding

shirt got too short? you can fix that and make it stylish!

Back in May I posted about having few too many tops that are a bit too short.

So happy I'll be able to wear this shirt again... I only used once or twice and then got washed at way too high temperature, and shrank :(
(and that's the only reason: I stopped growing long time ago!!!)

Fact: I can't believe summer is gone and I managed to restyle only one... until last night.

The Palmer Harding FW2012 collection was the perfect inspiration. 

left picture: palmer//harding - collage by moi

I knew I was going to save my pretty crispy white shirt the minute I saw Style Bubble's post about these white shirts with a contrast neutral insert.

To lengthen a shirt with this inspiration, you need: 

* a crispy white shirt
* 2" wide Aida cloth ribbon (length of your waist circumference + 6 inches)
* pins, needle, matching thread and scissors

I choose the Aida cloth ribbon rather than grosgrain because I wanted something with the same width of the distance between the buttons, and I couldn't find grosgrain of the same size.
It's important to have the same width, so that the final shirt won't look weird with buttons at odd distance.

the tutorial:

Make sure that both the shirt and the Aida cloth ribbon 
(or whatever contrasting fabric that you'll be using) 
are being washed at the same temperature and cycle, 
and are being pressed.
(to avoid different rates shrinkage of different fabrics)

It's about measuring right and paying attention! The whole thing took me about one hour.

1* pin your waistline: it should be at the same level as one of the buttons.
2* remove the button at your waistline and remove also the extra button that should be hidden on the inside, you'll need this later!
3* fold the shirt in the middle by inserting one sleeve inside the other
4* pin in several spots, so the fabric won't move around
5* draw a line horizontally starting from the center of the button (that you just removed) on your waistline
6* trace the line all around, making sure that the line on both sides of the opening of the shirt will coincide (try the shirt on and look in the mirror, front and back, to make sure that the line is right on your waist)
7* cut all along the line
8* zig-zag the edges on both part of the shirt
9* pin the Aida cloth ribbon onto the shirt, first on the top part, then the bottom
10* bast the Aida cloth, leaving about 2 inches on both openings
11* fold the extra Aida cloth inward (not completely in half, I left about 1/4")
12* and fold it again: it should match the folded part where the buttons of the shirt are.
13* sew with a straight stitch all around and remove the basting stitches
14* trace at the edge of the Aida cloth ribbon, the new buttonholes
15* using the buttonhole foot, make the two buttonholes on both edges of the Aida cloth ribbon

... now sew back the two buttons on the other side and it's ready!

xox, d.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #11

something made out of... something un-expected

jewelry made out of...

You never know what you could make jewelry of.
This necklace could have come out of a coral reef.
Rather than ripping off the ocean, designer Liangchao Shao made it with.. plastic straws.
Isn't it gorgeous? Who said that plastic couldn't be high fashion?

table lamp made out of...

If you don't know what the parts of this table lamp are... you're way too young!
How cool is this transparent micro-cassettes lamp?
I love the minimal design, and the way the rolled tapes create the random circles look.
As I mentioned before, I'm a disaster when it comes to electrical wires... so I will not try to electrocuted do it myself!

collages made out of...

Junk mail.
Collage artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold doesn't throw away any piece of junk mail, on the opposite, the more she gets, the better!
She has an amazing variety of portraits where the basic ingredient is always junk mail.
This is her last work, Gemini. Amazing, right?

a side table made out of...

Copper pipes and zip-ties. This is pure genius!
Plan your design, cut your pipes, string it with zip-ties... I know: it's always easier in fantasy-land rather than real life.
But I could see myself wasting several nights trying to get this right!
The ultra-conductive table reminds me of the himmeli mobiles: I believe designer Paul Loebach loves himmeli too, since he took the next step and made it into lamps.

Enjoy your Sun-DIY!
xox, d.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DIY recycled magazines art

Magazine ads and editorials are the perfect crafting supplies

I made this composition of cutouts circles of magazine's paper long time ago.
I don't have the step-by-step pictures, but it's pretty straight-forward!

Now you know the reason why this past Do-Inspire-Yourself was all about recycling magazine pages!
In the past I made flowers  but that doesn't use much :) 

I used a glass to cut the circles, and then I sorted them in 9 ranges of colors: 
purple - yellow -green - blue - grey - pink - orange - red -brown

I used 16 circles for each picture (although I cut way more)

Once I had all my circles, I placed on a white piece of paper and decided how far apart they needed to be and how big had to be the frame.
I ended up with a 15" square frame, which I built using these easy to assemble wood kits, then placed a ring hanger in the middle top of the frame.
I had the glass cut in the right size at the hardware store, and I was ready to have fun with my circles.

I cut out a piece of cardboard for the backing, and cut some white Japanese rice paper to fit (I bought it at Hobby Lobby, it comes in big sheets, but they don't have a link on their web site), and then started to place the circles on the paper, securing them with a tiny piece of acid-free double tape (using the acid free, the glue of the tape won't go through the paper and your art will last longer).
Used some pin tacks to secure the back of the frame and hanged on the wall!

In this last move, they changed location (once again) and they are now in my little nook in the bedroom, where I have my tiny office.

xox, d.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #10

How many magazines stacked in a corner do you have?
And you keep telling yourself: I'll make something with these colorful, shiny pages?

it's the time to Do It!

Today's Do-Inspire-Yourelf is completely dedicated to magazines 

It's not just glossy paper.
Let's start look at magazines after we've done reading it, 
and coveting their editorials!


Samuel Price's love for dogs and art meet half way: check his dogs collages made with magazine squares (and you can commission one for your dog... check it out here!)

shoes, objects and portraits 

Derek Gores has a stunning collage's technique. I love his portraits, as well as his objects collages: check them out!
He has several exhibitions around the US at the moment.
Best part? workshops! keep an eye on the where and when, because it could be a really, REALLY interesting thing to do!

intensity and kids.

Patrick Bremer's collages are strong and full of intensity. This one is one of my favorites, but to understand what I mean you should check out his portfolio.
One of each, please?


I really love Dan Oprisor 's pop art inspired collages.
The bright colors, the big typography. Just stunning. 

color by numbers.

Found at flavorwire, the work of Vik Muniz takes the "color by number" technique to re-create famous paintings to a brand new level. All the colors are tiny scraps of magazine's pages.


Found on, these amazing sculptures made out of resin, wires, and magazines paper. 
Artist Yun-Woo Choi 3D big scales works are simply stunning and they take you to another world.

sitting on magazines.

Pick your style: but these are smart way to keep all your thick September's issues and make something comfortable with it!

magazine stool @ recyclart

magazine stool @ swiss-miss

and some tutorials from the blogosphere:

Have a great SunDIY!

xox, d.
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