Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY wrapped bracelet

another bracelet: silk, stars, beads and it's a wrap

wrap bracelets are a big number this summer

...And they are so DIY-able!
This is the one I just finished: with lots of turquoise and blue, two charms and few beads.

Designers with all kind of price-tags 
have a wrap bracelet this year: 
these are my favorites from polyvore

left picture: polyvore - right picture DIY by moi 


Look in your ribbon box-drawer-stash: 
I'm sure you have what you need! 
Mix texture and colors, cut about 20 strands in 11" length 
one lobster clasp + one ring

from my instagram: @iamdonatella


* wrap with tape few pieces of ribbons (two or three at the time) (this will help the chunky ribbon go through the beads)
I used:
- some 1/4" Satin Ribbon Turquoise
- some 2mm Light Blue Satin Rattail Cord  (leftover from another star project )
- blue tulle-like ribbon
- some ripped pieces 1/2" wide of silk (same I used for this bracelet)
* I didn't thread beads on all the ribbons, but I left some of them plain
* Once you placed the all the beads, remove the tape at the "tails" and gather them all together, and sew few stitches at about 1" from the end
* wrap your lobster clasp around, fold the bunch of ribbons and sew few stitches to secure it
* add few drops of glue where the ribbons fold over, and use some a small part of one of the ribbons to cover the seam
* Measure on your wrist, eventually cut the excess ribbons
* repeat on the other end with the ring

wrap it twice around your wrist and you're done!

xox, d.

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