Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY wannabe rug: it's a trivet

I need a small rug: I love ropes and celtic knots

I thought I found the perfect way to put the two together 
when True Blue Me and You posted this {pretty} necklace which uses this REALLY easy to follow  

here is my wannabe rug:

Why wannabe? 

Check it out! 
A bit too small to be a rug, but it's the perfect trivet for my morning coffee fix!

I just followed the instructions on my screen.

Most of the time these knot-websites show you everything... but they forget to tell you
which thickness your rope has to be, and how many feet you need.
Result: I ended up with a trivet rather than a mat.

The rope used in the tutorial is thicker than the rope I used, (mine is a cotton covered clothing line) but I thought by keep wrapping around the rope more than the 4 times showed in the tutorial, it would be just fine. ...It wasn't.
I wrapped the knot 7 times... it's still a trivet!

Don't get me wrong, I like my trivet!
...But I still need a rug for the back door! :)

To make this trivet I used 50 ft of clothing line, the cotton covered polyester kind. ...100 ft for 4.99$.

This is the way I ended the two tails: 
* once the two ends are meeting at the bottom, leave about 1/2" extra and cut
* cut the inner core of the rope for about 1" (so the rope wouldn't be as thick and hard where needs to be overlapped)
* overlap the two ends and add a drop of glue or stitch in place (I used a drop of E6000)

Lesson learned! off to buy a big chunky rope to make my rug!

xox, d.
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