Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY three keychains (his, hers and the spares)

new home, new keychains.

When we got our new home, I made a "his" and "hers" keychain.

...And later, because of several guests coming and going, I made a couple of spares.

Because it's a summer house, I made something colorful and easy to find in beach-bags.

Here they are all "hanging-out" on the dog's tail hooks:

HERS keychain

12" of nylon cord, a split ring and a superball...
* drill a hole in the superball (need to be a wide hole, because the nylon cord needs to pass twice inside the ball) detailed tutorial on the superballs necklace;
* tie a knot on the bottom of the superball, and use a match to burn the ends
* tie another knot at the top, insert a split ring

HIS keychain

It's a monkey's fist knot, and you can choose to make it with one colors or using two different colors nylon cords: you pick!
Mine is one color, used about 3 feet of nylon cord, and put a marble in the center.

the spares: two-ways minimal keychain

Inspired by the "ghost keyring" featured few days ago, I made two different versions.
Mine are definitely less stylish, and more "red neck", but for the spare keys are just fine!
Very light weight, big enough to find in a tote bag, and best of all... free!

And a quick how-to for making these wire "ghost" keychains:

(click on the pictures if you want to see it in a bigger format)

1* need a wire hanger, two sets of flat nose pliers, a big marker

2* cut the top part of the hanger

3* bend at 90 degrees angles the middle of the base
4* using two sets of flat nose pliers, start creating the shape of a key
5* make three "zig-zags" on one side, while the other side will be flat
6* bend the wire at 90 degrees angles on both sides, and back at 45 degrees angles
7* using the big marker as a guide, coil a couple of times on each end the wire, to have a nice smooth circle

:( ... and this is where it went wrong: I couldn't have the wire to stay tight enough to act like a split ring: so I had to come out with a plan B.

Actually I figured out two plans B:

first version: with a hook 

second version: wire wrapped

And that's it!
I scraped off the white coating of the hangers that was peeling off while bending the metal, and I painted two coats with nail-polish!

xox, d.
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