Friday, August 31, 2012

DIY Maison Martin Margiela's inspired halter top

MMM's FW 2012/13 runway show was truly spectacular

Starting from the bejeweled face-masks 
to the pull knobs on the clothes: 
yes, pull knobs.

The hardware store made it, once again, to the runway.

left pic: - collage by moi

I have these two glass drawer pulls that I purchased at Anthropologie awhile ago, and I figured I could make something fun, very MMM inspired, to wear over this long week-end.

With a scarf, two pull knobs, some packing tape and {optional} a safety pin: 

the MMM-inspired halter top... why not? 

(No knobs were hurt in this DIY... they can still pull out drawers)

* Align the two knobs together by the screws, 
* Use the width of the packing tape as your guide
* roll the packing tape over and over until you have a nice, smooth surface

 I used a turquoise linen scarf, which is a bit thick, so I did a simple knot. If you're planning to do this with a thinner fabric, you can play around tying the two ends in different, more chunky ways.
... for obvious reasons I'm doing the step-by-step demonstration with a tank top underneath!

1* scarf around your neck - just in the middle
2* bring the two sides of the scarf in the front center, keep the knobs on top of the scarf
3* roll over the knobs the ends of the scarf, passing through the loop around your neck
4* tie it so that the knobs will be balanced and horizontal
5* keep the two parts of the scarf apart, wrapping around your breasts
6* tie on the back
7* if you want to make sure that the scarf will stay in place, use a safety pin
8* halter top in 3 minutes!

Hope you like it!
Happy Labor Day eeek-end!

xox, d.

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