Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY knotted knobs

I'm not going to buy new knobs for all the closets and cabinets!

my plan consists in lots of DIY (not surprising!)

When we got this house, we both saw "a lot of potential"... You know what that means: house has good bones, but will be a lot of work!

One of the {small} thing that was really bothering me were these knobs on each closet and cabinet.

It's a beach house, so I was trying to make something nautical, and I was starting by trying to wrap the knobs into a monkey fist knot.
...something like these: here's a great  DIY monkey fist knobs.

That didn't end up so well, because my knobs are flat and the knot wasn't covering the surface of the knobs. 

Then I found this tutorial
It's meant to be for making buttons: 
this is my adaptation for knobs!

Because of the shape of the knobs, I had to help the grip by pouring few drops of E6000 glue on the stem of the knob and onto the sides. That is the only "cheat sheet" to the original tutorial: at the end I just wrapped the twine around the stem of the knob, and use one drop of glue to seal the end of the twine.

After the first one, it took me about 5 minutes for each knob. 
Not bad, considering that I'm using cotton twine 
that I already had, so they turned out {FREE}. 
And much, much prettier.
...4 done, 16 to go!!

xox, d.


  1. una bella idea! tante volte un pomello rinnovato cambia l'aspetto di un mobile che non ci dice più niente. ciao Paola

  2. I love decorative knobs and this is a great solution. I'm always a bit shocked at the prices in the stores, which add up so quickly when you suddenly realize just how many you need. Awesome project~

  3. Love it! Way to repurpose the knobs into something fresh. :)

  4. This is great idea, beautiful project!

  5. These are super cute. Post pictures of them on the cabinet?

  6. Omg! These are absolutely amazing looking. So inventive! The only thing is how can you prevent them from becoming dirty? Is there a varnish or something you can use?


  7. This is great idea! These looks amazing :)

  8. I absolutely love this! I'm definitely going to try it out someday. :D


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