Sunday, August 5, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #6

I hope you'll love this week's inspirations as much as I do

a fingerprint is unique: but these are even more so.

Artist Cheryl Sorg creates collages that are so eye-catching you can't stop looking at. 
Her love for art and books meet half way while she cut and paste snippets of books, poetry, maps, anything that you can think of with words. 
Read the interview on the Etsy blog, to know about the technique that goes behind these collages. 

custom thumbprint portrait

the paper shelf.

I like to mix vintage with modern, and this is no exception. 
A father and daughter collaboration, called Communication Through Time, where a vintage typewriter and some MDF shelves that resemble a stack of random paper. 
A sketch of the MDF measurements and some more instructions on how the shelf and the typewriter are hang on the wall are in the comments below the post on Design-Milk.

the paper shelf @ Design Milk

giant cross-stitch.

It's no secret that I like traditional form of stitching, knitting, crocheting when they are taken to the next step: the giant form.
This is no exception: designer Charlotte Lancelot figured out, using extra thick, perforated felt and wool felt ribbon, to mix traditional and modern.
These rugs are hand cross stitched.
Some of her designs are produced by Gan-Rugs.
I'm jaw-dropped at every one of these pieces.

Charlotte Lancelot - embroidery

himmeli mobiles. 

I stumbled upon these two mobiles and now I'm looking at my ceilings in hope that I can find a place to hang a mobile. 
Tutorial found on Hope Helms blog, and the red version on the The Red Jet
Can you guess what they are made from? 
Un-expensive, modern, clean lines. On my very-soon-to-do-list!

Wish you a great SunDIY!

xox, d.
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