Sunday, August 26, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #9

last SunDIY of August... 

The weather is still gorgeous, so all I'm going to do is kick back, relax and enjoy the outdoor 
(and only plan for things to do when the weather will keep me inside!).
For now: these are my selections!

when art meets fashion.

You haven't seen on my blog any collars, although I know they are being all the rage for quite some time. Reason is... I'm not really that into it.
I should say: I wasn't ...Until now.
Painted collars just like a watercolor. 
Need: white collar, fabric paint, steady hand: designer and fashion illustrator Bianca Raffaela di Pascale has them all.  This is my favorite, but there are 5 more.
These collars aren't for sale, but one of her fashion illustration on a shopping bag is.

DIY chairs (but there is much more).

Designer and architect, Wholman has an amazing parade of "trash to treasure" DIY projects.
the step-by-step instructions and pictures are very well detailed, and he said that this tennis ball chair is really comfortable, too. 
Besides, Looks fantastic.
He has his own blog {and love the name he came out with}: Object Guerilla, check it out!

unique key rings.

Two completely different designs and concepts, but like them both so much: both perfect for a house warming gift. (and totally DIY-able!)

Felt, two grommets, and two split rings: simple and genius.
Green boy  is an award winning design by Vladimir Kibardin @ kibardindesign.

Wire-wrapped minimal chic: a keyring with a shape of a key: Ghost by Chihawoo Design. I'm coveting this!!

indecision, indecision...

Liz couldn't decide which color paint her white-white wall.
She figured out the most inexpensive way {although not the fastest, I might say!} to make it into something unique, colorful, and free! {and I'm pretty sure now the Home Depot nearby have her picture as "Wanted" on their wall!}. 

Enjoy your last day of August, and enjoy my favorites for this week! 

xox, d.
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