Sunday, August 12, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #7

here something to transform a lazy-Sunday into a SunDIY:

(although I only have two links this week:
blaming a hamster-powered-internet connection 
and surely the fact that I'm in lazy-mode myself)

go away, I'm reading. Say it loud and clear... and pretty.

You're reading a book, and you're into it.
Don't want anyone to disturb you, you don't even want to give the "death-stare"?
These dust jackets are what you need! ... Ready to download in PDF form.
This one is from Erin Bowman's site, where you'll find links to two more options.
go away I'm reading dust jackets @Erin Bowman

I'm still looking for ideas for light fixtures.

I stumbled upon this UK based store, Folklore, which has so many good finds.
Of course my favorite page is the lighting one, where between papier maché, crochet, and a mason jar tripod lamps I was completely taken.
But then I fell totally in love with the recycled cardboard pendant
I'm seriously digging this one. 

Box Pendant @ Folklore

Enjoy your August-lazy-SunDIY!
xox, d.

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