Monday, July 23, 2012

espadrilles: DIY summer must

espadrilles = summer

love: always and forever

I had espadrilles each and every summer since I can remember!
This year is no exception.
...And I gave the espadrilles' bug to my s-daughter, who wanted to make something with her plain white ones!

They turned out great, wouldn't you agree??

Even my fashion guru Tim Gunn agrees!!

We made these using a stencil and some fabric paint: 
it's a very easy project

We mixed some yellow and red fabric paint to obtain the perfect bright orange,
and used the leftover hot pink used for the new life of these sandals

And the easy tutorial:

* stuff the shoes with some newspapers or rugs wrapped in a plastic bag, keeping a smooth surface on the canvas

* position the stencil and keep it in place using some masking tape all around the espadrille

* start using the first color of your choice

* fill the rest of the stencil with the second color of your choice

* for the back, we opted for some simple lines, so we just put some masking tape and free-handed vertical lines alternating the two colors

* wait until the fabric paint is completely dry (we waited overnight) and press with a hot iron to set the colors... done!!!

xox, d.

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