Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY: giant knitting needles

I have some giant knitting in mind...

but I couldn't find the right 

extra-long & extra-large 

knitting needles

That's why I made my own. 

... and here they are, 
looking snazzy next to the 

start with a trip to the hardware store to make your own!

Stop at the aisle where they have all the trimming and woods that you can cut to size and... see that?
Somebody will see wooden dowel rods, but I see extra long knitting needles within less than 15 minutes of work!!

This is probably the cheapest solution for making big and chunky knitting needles: dowel rods come in many sizes, and many lengths.

For mine I bought one dowel rod size 6 ft x 1" for 2.1 Euros (+/- 2.6 $): I bet it's impossible to find 1" size knitting needles for as little as this!

These knitting needles would be a size 25 mm (metric) or a size 50 US. 

All you need is:
* a knife
* sand paper
* glue
* sisal or rope or yarn of any kind (about 2 yards)

I had the people at the hardware store cut the dowel rod in half, so I went home with two pieces of 3 ft long each.

Then I used a knife to sharpen the tips.

With a fine sand paper, I smoothened the tips.

Add glue around the end and wrapped with some neon nylon sisal, wait until the glue is dry and ... ready!

Already made a swatch... they are a bit uncomfortable to knit with, but on the good side, I'll be using some thick t-shirt yarn, so the work should grow pretty quickly!

xox, d.

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