Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY colors of the ocean

inspired by the gorgeousness of the ocean

a bracelet made of ripped pieces of {leftover} silk, some pearls, and quartz beads

It's an easy project, and the final result is stunning!
If you want to make one yourself,

gather your supplies!

* a small piece of silk (about 10" x 6" is more than enough)
* {13} pearls, beads, whatever you like (this has 4 blue tinted pearls and 9 quartz faceted beads)
* {13} headpins and jumprings 
* {2} ribbon ties 
* {1} clasp
* {1} jumpring

you'll need some flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, a bit of glue and some scissors

* start by preparing your beads with the headpins and the jumprings 
(check the how-to here )
* rip 6 pieces of silk 7/8" x 10" 
* thread two beads on each string of silk (and one will have 3 beads)
* add a drop of glue to one end of the strips of silk, and overlap all the 6 pieces
* close the ribbon tie onto the strings
* measure on your wrist the right size for your bracelet - trim the excess
* glue the other side of the strips of silk and close the ribbon tie
* add the clasp on one side and the jumpring on the other side...

et voilà!!

xox, d.

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