Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Anthropologie Pratia Tank

I made this Anthropologie inspired

t-shirt-refashion few years ago

...and completely forgot about it.
... until...

I posted this picture on my Facebook and some of you commented on this t-shirt.
(The picture was about the food, not about the t-shirt, but most girls love clothes more than food, including myself!! LOL!)

Anyway, this t-shirt refashion is my attempt to the "pratia tank" from Anthropologie.

I found at my Dollar Store the perfect sky blue t-shirt, 
in soft cotton which fit the purpose.
left pic anthropologie - collage by moi

At the time, I found this tutorial from Made by Lex . 
The shape of he petals and the construction of the flowers are from her tutorial.

I used some (scraps that I had from previous projects) light blue silk, some off-white silk and the sleeves of the t-shirt to cut out the petals.
I don't remember how many I cut, but A LOT.

First I started out by cutting off the sleeves, and with the off-white fabric, I cut a piece of about 3/4" wide with the shape of the armhole and sew it onto the armholes, leaving the edge of the silk raw, which over time will fray.
(I did the armholes with the silk rather than the neckline: since I had to cut the sleeves and finish the armholes, that was an easier way to give it a finish look, and I liked the neckline of my t-shirt, so I left it as is)

Next, I sew the petals two by two, by crossing one onto the other (and randomly assorted in color, and fabric) and simply stitching a small  X with a blue thread.
Sew the flowers closed to each other to create the corsage effect!

Note that the petals made with the t-shirt fabric after being washed are all rolled up and don't look like flowers as much as the silk one; probably it would have been best to use only silk.

I didn't put the elastic band at the hem of the t-shirt because I really don't like the bubble effect.

Last, but not least: I added the petals also on the top of the shoulders and few degrading toward the back.
I have a thing with tops that have details only in the front, 
leaving the back completely plain.
In mass-produced clothing it is absolutely a must 
to keep costs down, 
but in my DIY world, I can change that.

xox, d.
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