Sunday, July 29, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #5

5th appointment with DoInspireYourself 

This coming week, I promise you, you'll have PLENTY to DIY 

Up in the air.

How many times have you watched at an airplane flying on the sky and think: "wow, that's pretty, I should take a picture" (and of course, by the time you pull out your camera, you focus, yada yada yada... it's gone, it's too far, there is that ugly water tank on the roof in the middle of what should have been a perfect shot).
Not Nathan Harger's problems.
He can capture an airplane in the perfect blue sky. ... Times 20.
Then he puts all these pictures together and you end up with something that you can't stop staring at.
Most of his work is black and white: series, perspectives, repetitions.  
I'd take one of each!

Untitled (Holding Patterns), Brooklyn, NY 2008

Three Ikea hacks you'll love 

Swiss industrial designer student, Andreas Bhend has realized the best-ikea-hacks-ever!
This is a short video that will tickle the inner DIYer in you.
The best part? Not only he made these Ikea hacks, but he's giving you the option to make yours! 
Part of his work are the booklet manuals made for his X, Y, and Z versions that look just like the real deal, with the clueless guy that scratches his head and all! 
I'm really, really... REALLY tempted!

A picture is worth a thousand words... or both

Make a picture into a picture of words in very few steps (if I could do it, you probably can do it better!).
Here's one of my favorite pictures of Lucky and the word version of her using "a shelter dog's prayer".
I always had rescues or stray (dogs mostly but also cats).
I used to volunteer at the city's shelter and I know that even if dogs (& cats, too)  don't speak, they do say this prayer every single day...

a DIY blog worth checking out.

Love this necklace? I LOOOOOVE it!
By now it's pretty obvious that I like big statement pieces, and this is a DKNY necklace is a DIY.
... and it's g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.
And there are clear instruction on how to make it.

DKNY neclace by IMPROMP-two

Enjoy your Sun-DIY!
xox, d.

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