Sunday, July 15, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #3

it's sunDIY again!

Lot of cool stuff this week! 
get inspired!

festinate and the many things you can do with your words (or poems, or songs)

In a matter of few seconds I copied and pasted the lyrics of Imagine into the form, and ... ta-dah!
Turned into a heart.
If you need to make a nice card, a thank you note, anything involving words onto a piece of paper. Love. (you can make more than just hearts... go check it out!)
(yes, I am a dreamer, BTW)
words into hearts and more

A quick knitted shrug from Brooklyntweed

This shrug can be worn also up-side-down.
That kind of thing that you can pull out of your purse and get on. without thinking :)
It's a simple project, and a simple diagram: if you are feeling like knitting something to throw over your shoulders during the summer nights.
Something I might make soon.

a shrug two ways

A great natural ombre centerpiece

Artist Jake Evans made this gradient ombre cut flowers as part of his work Flora Sway II.
I did something like that back in school for a physic/chemistry project, turning white roses blue using ink mixed with water.
I wonder if using food coloring would be just as good?

ombre flowers

Baked Sharpie onto ceramic

I saw this project onto the Sharpie blog, made by A beautiful mess
and I was intrigued.
I used the Pebeo Porcelaine 150 marker to write on ceramic, but sharpies are: cheaper, come in more colors, and write probably much easier that a liquid tip. Something I want to try!

Any empty white walls in your home? 

I've got you covered (with sharpies)! 
Get inspired by artist Timothy Goodman and draw your own art!
Love, love... love these walls at the ACE hotel. 

xox, d.
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