Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY cord, tubes and pearls bracelet

here it is: the perfect summer bracelet.

Totally inspired by a designer's one who asked to not be mentioned. 
This is what I used:

* 5 tubes (I bought mine several time ago at, although the size of the tubes is a bit too long, and a 3.5 cm length would be the best pick)

* 21 soldered closed jump rings diam. 7 mm

* 21 freshwater pearls (different sizes and shades, from my stash)
* 1 large lobster clasp (Clasps Lobster Swivel 1 1/2" Silver Plated 5pc)    
* round nose pliers and cutters

not pictured - ehm... an almost finished roll of toilet paper and a plastic bag... but I'll tell you more about this later ;)

Finding the right size of your bracelet 

1* unravel the cording from the first package and find the middle length 
2* loop around the lobster clasp and fold it in half again 

3* wrap the ends with some tape 

4* pass the cords into the tube

5* pass the cords into the 12 mm ring

6* close the clasp and try it onto your wrist

7* mark a tiny dot where the cord wrap around the ring (that's the exact measure, because the tubes are long and stiff, you have to take into consideration that the measure of the bracelet must be large than your wrist)

8* take a toilet paper roll (almost finished), measure the size, squeezed to an oval, and wrap it with a plastic bag, and tape the bag
9* make sure that the measure of the roll is the right one where you marked the dot onto your cording, keep the clasp closed, and tape it onto the roll

Wrapping the bracelet

1* now, that is your first wrap of the bracelet

2* pull the cording, keeping the right measurement, and pass a jumpring into the cords, keep wrapping the cords back and forth between the clasp and the 12mm diam. ring for the closure.
3* I did 1 tube, alternate with 4 jumprings, and an extra jumping at the end (because I don't like even numbers ...)
4* when the first package of cording will be finished, (leave about 7-8" tail) 
5* tape it on the roll
6* and you can start adding the other cording, still folding in half, pass it onto the closure ring
7* fold it in half again and wrap the ends with tape ... same as before
8* keep wrapping around the clasp alternating jumprings and tubes until you get to the end.

The knots

Keep all the cording still on the roll to make the side knots of the bracelet!

1* loop around the ring and pass it under the bracelet
2* pass the cords through the loop
3* pull
4* pass it over the wrap and under the bracelet
5* pass the cords under the very first loop
6* and pass the cords under the last loop
7* pull as tight as you can
8* make a knot
9* repeat on the other side 
(and cut the tails - add if you want to be safe, a dot of glue onto the knot)

Adding the pearls

1* pass the headpins onto the pearls (mine are all different sizes and colors)
2* bend the headpin onto one side
3* wrap it onto the round nose pliers onto the opposite side
4* pass the headpin onto the jumpring
5* twist the wire around the loop
6* cut the excess wire
7* squeeze the part just cut so won't poke you 

... and  you're done!!

xox, d.

Edit: CHECK HERE for another version of the same bracelet, 
with the shorter tubes and an easier knot !

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