Tuesday, July 24, 2012

8 of my favorite canvas shoes DIY

there are some pretty DIYs to try with plain canvas shoes

I'm partial to espadrilles, but any plain pair of shoes can be the white canvas (pun intended!)
for your own - unique - personal style - shoes of the summer

Check out  
I'm sure if you're looking for a way to customize your shoes... you'll have a lot to browse!

And here 8 of my favorite canvas shoes DIY: 

1* Chanel inspired with logo appliqué @ ojla
2* a Pollok's splat look @ sketch 42 blog
3* big flowers and rhinestones @ les créatifs
4* embroidered with neon colors @ dream a little bigger
5* neon stripes (of course!) @ stripes and sequins
6* stripes and nautical knot @ I'm obsessed with
7* another Chanel inspired with a bow @ made in Pretoria

8* very truly yours with a Greek motif @ inspiration&realisation

xox, d.


  1. I really love the splattered ones by Sketch 42. I love your DIYs but also your roundups because I have four new blogs I didn't know about to look at today :)

    1. :) can't believe I found some blogs you weren't aware! that's why is pouring down now!!!

  2. I'd been wanting to paint-splatter my black espadrilles forever now. Maybe this beautiful picture #2 will motivate me? Love how Sketch 42 did it. For my own black espadrilles I was thinking white and mint specs. So many projects, so little time :)

    1. I have a soft spot too for these splatter ones! ... white and mint on black sounds quite pretty!!

  3. Wow, all of them are so beautiful, thank you for this post, very inspiring !

  4. Excellent selection!
    Here is one of our handpainted espadrilles, to enrich your collection!


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