Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY giant knitted rug

my super-chunky knitted rug is finally finished

And I love it !
{even though I didn't have enough yarn 
to make it the way I originally planned}

Remember when I posted about these handmade rugs ?
Few days later, I went to the hardware store 
and got busy making my giant knitting needles

...And then I've got busy knitting.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #5

5th appointment with DoInspireYourself 

This coming week, I promise you, you'll have PLENTY to DIY 

Up in the air.

How many times have you watched at an airplane flying on the sky and think: "wow, that's pretty, I should take a picture" (and of course, by the time you pull out your camera, you focus, yada yada yada... it's gone, it's too far, there is that ugly water tank on the roof in the middle of what should have been a perfect shot).
Not Nathan Harger's problems.
He can capture an airplane in the perfect blue sky. ... Times 20.
Then he puts all these pictures together and you end up with something that you can't stop staring at.
Most of his work is black and white: series, perspectives, repetitions.  
I'd take one of each!

Untitled (Holding Patterns), Brooklyn, NY 2008

Three Ikea hacks you'll love 

Swiss industrial designer student, Andreas Bhend has realized the best-ikea-hacks-ever!
This is a short video that will tickle the inner DIYer in you.
The best part? Not only he made these Ikea hacks, but he's giving you the option to make yours! 
Part of his work are the booklet manuals made for his X, Y, and Z versions that look just like the real deal, with the clueless guy that scratches his head and all! 
I'm really, really... REALLY tempted!

A picture is worth a thousand words... or both

Make a picture into a picture of words in very few steps (if I could do it, you probably can do it better!).
Here's one of my favorite pictures of Lucky and the word version of her using "a shelter dog's prayer".
I always had rescues or stray (dogs mostly but also cats).
I used to volunteer at the city's shelter and I know that even if dogs (& cats, too)  don't speak, they do say this prayer every single day...

a DIY blog worth checking out.

Love this necklace? I LOOOOOVE it!
By now it's pretty obvious that I like big statement pieces, and this is a DKNY necklace is a DIY.
... and it's g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.
And there are clear instruction on how to make it.

DKNY neclace by IMPROMP-two

Enjoy your Sun-DIY!
xox, d.

Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY colors of the ocean

inspired by the gorgeousness of the ocean

a bracelet made of ripped pieces of {leftover} silk, some pearls, and quartz beads

It's an easy project, and the final result is stunning!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

8 of my favorite canvas shoes DIY

there are some pretty DIYs to try with plain canvas shoes

I'm partial to espadrilles, but any plain pair of shoes can be the white canvas (pun intended!)
for your own - unique - personal style - shoes of the summer

Check out  
I'm sure if you're looking for a way to customize your shoes... you'll have a lot to browse!

And here 8 of my favorite canvas shoes DIY: 

1* Chanel inspired with logo appliqué @ ojla
2* a Pollok's splat look @ sketch 42 blog
3* big flowers and rhinestones @ les créatifs
4* embroidered with neon colors @ dream a little bigger
5* neon stripes (of course!) @ stripes and sequins
6* stripes and nautical knot @ I'm obsessed with
7* another Chanel inspired with a bow @ made in Pretoria

8* very truly yours with a Greek motif @ inspiration&realisation

xox, d.

Monday, July 23, 2012

espadrilles: DIY summer must

espadrilles = summer

love: always and forever

I had espadrilles each and every summer since I can remember!
This year is no exception.
...And I gave the espadrilles' bug to my s-daughter, who wanted to make something with her plain white ones!

They turned out great, wouldn't you agree??

Even my fashion guru Tim Gunn agrees!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #4

Happy Sun-DIY!

Give yourself a DIY treat, 
while looking at my favorites inspirations for the week!

jewelry and art.

Artist and Jewelry designer Denise J. Reytan has an eye for colors, balance, and mixed media like no others. I love every single piece of her art (my favorite: the fabulous beach finds) and jewelry.
She mixes nylon ropes with random objects, casted plastic from real jewelry, beads and more to obtain the most eye-catching, colorful, statement pieces.

when graphic design meets embroidery

... you land into Briar Mark's world.
If you like typography, embroidery and a good spin on anything Apple, you're in the right place.
One of her work is, indeed, called:  iCraft. Love it!
I first stumbled on her pieces when looking at ideas for the typography challenge, and followed her on tumblr every since then.

...she could have done this on her mac. But she didn't.
Love this video.

...stepping on typography: type

This "type" rug is made by illustrator (and crazy cat lady as she describes herself) Jessica Hische, using carpet tiles. And this is a tutorial!
I wish I had an empty floor.
Actually, I wish I could doodle like this and then also had an empty floor.

the art of knots.

Beautiful, easy to follow,video tutorials, 240 knots and growing. 
You know by now I love knots, and ropes.
It's where I land every time I want to learn something new and I want to get it right.
Tying It All Together has a vast collection that will lower down drastically your ropes & cords' stash.
From bracelets, to celtic knots. This is the place!

have fun!

xox, d.

Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY: giant knitting needles

I have some giant knitting in mind...

but I couldn't find the right 

extra-long & extra-large 

knitting needles

That's why I made my own. 

... and here they are, 
looking snazzy next to the 

start with a trip to the hardware store to make your own!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #3

it's sunDIY again!

Lot of cool stuff this week! 
get inspired!

festinate and the many things you can do with your words (or poems, or songs)

In a matter of few seconds I copied and pasted the lyrics of Imagine into the form, and ... ta-dah!
Turned into a heart.
If you need to make a nice card, a thank you note, anything involving words onto a piece of paper. Love. (you can make more than just hearts... go check it out!)
(yes, I am a dreamer, BTW)
words into hearts and more

A quick knitted shrug from Brooklyntweed

This shrug can be worn also up-side-down.
That kind of thing that you can pull out of your purse and get on. without thinking :)
It's a simple project, and a simple diagram: if you are feeling like knitting something to throw over your shoulders during the summer nights.
Something I might make soon.

a shrug two ways

A great natural ombre centerpiece

Artist Jake Evans made this gradient ombre cut flowers as part of his work Flora Sway II.
I did something like that back in school for a physic/chemistry project, turning white roses blue using ink mixed with water.
I wonder if using food coloring would be just as good?

ombre flowers

Baked Sharpie onto ceramic

I saw this project onto the Sharpie blog, made by A beautiful mess
and I was intrigued.
I used the Pebeo Porcelaine 150 marker to write on ceramic, but sharpies are: cheaper, come in more colors, and write probably much easier that a liquid tip. Something I want to try!

Any empty white walls in your home? 

I've got you covered (with sharpies)! 
Get inspired by artist Timothy Goodman and draw your own art!
Love, love... love these walls at the ACE hotel. 

xox, d.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Anthropologie Pratia Tank

I made this Anthropologie inspired

t-shirt-refashion few years ago

...and completely forgot about it.
... until...

I posted this picture on my Facebook and some of you commented on this t-shirt.
(The picture was about the food, not about the t-shirt, but most girls love clothes more than food, including myself!! LOL!)

Anyway, this t-shirt refashion is my attempt to the "pratia tank" from Anthropologie.

I found at my Dollar Store the perfect sky blue t-shirt, 
in soft cotton which fit the purpose.
left pic anthropologie - collage by moi

Monday, July 9, 2012

dog in a cone

still life vs/ real life

... and why sometimes life ain't fair

collage and dog - moi

This is Birba in her "cone of shame": she had an extra set of declaws and needed to be removed.
Although she is doing better than expected (she is the least tolerant of the pack), she'll be pretty happy once that cone that make her look like a lamp will be removed.

The idea was to put an inflatable collar on her (which are more comfortable and less stressful), but she was still able to reach her back paws. 
So we ended up with the E-collar (Elizabethan collar)... and after the initial stage of craziness, she is now coping with it much better!
... She'll have it removed on Friday!!

And because this is a DIY blog... in case you need it, here's a link on how to make one for your pet :

xox, d. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #2

ready for some great design to stimulate your 

DIY side of the brain?

wood and knitting. 

picture from freshome.com
I love how the sharp edges of the wood morph into the soft woven and knitted textile and back.
I'm not sure I could place this piece into my home, but I just love it.
By designer Kata Monus (check out her blog, it's really cool and love her jewelry collections!)

from leather shoes to pillow.

picture from designtaxi.com
Ok, I'm not sure how I feel about this. The "old used shoes" part creeps me out. On the other side, I wouldn't mind if it would be made with just old, un-sold shoes.
But it is interesting, for sure a "think outside the box" kind of thing.
By designer Baptiste Viry (who has also lots of cool jewelry in her site).

giant knit & giant crochet.

left: Aran Rug by Christien Meindertsma    right: Crochet by Paola Lenti

Totally obsessed.
Maxi knitting needles or maxi crochet hook: either way, I am so going to make a rug!
I have this idea on my mind ever since I've seen these one year ago or so, and it's still stuck on my head.
It's going to happen, ... soon!

Knitted Aran Rug by designer Christien Meindertsma 
and crocheted rug (which come in many different colors and shapes) by designer Paola Lenti

More maxi rugs and other things 
that make me wish for more time and endless empty rooms

don't throw away wine corks. nor old denim.

...because you can make a heck of a lot of stuff with these!
Hop over at Dishfunctional Designs for a round-up of ideas all "corky" or all "denim blue": there is something for everyone!

and why not? ... an app.

Popsicolor 1.0 from Tinrocket, LLC on Vimeo.

Transform any picture into a watercolor-look. Sound good to me!

Enjoy your SunDIY !!!
xox, d.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DIY 4th of July statement ring

this is a big, statement ring. 

blue (turquoise) white (pearl) & red (coral)

Perfect to celebrate the 4th of July holiday with the right pop of color and edge! 

This is an EXTREMELY easy DIY
and rather fast!

I made this about 3 or 4 years ago, so I don't have the step-by-step photo tutorial, but there is really no right or wrong!

Remember the ads with the guy with the beard fixing all kind of things with Mighty Putty
...and never needed for anything around the house.
So one day, I decided to experimented with it!

Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY stitched open knit sweater

take an open knit white sweater, 

add a Rebecca Minkoff Resort 2013 inspiration...

and DIY the perfect summer open knit.

For mine, I got lazy and didn't knit one myself
(although that was the intention and here you can find the how-to )
but I found the perfect candidate at 20$ on the TJMaxx sales rack.
A plain white cotton open knit 
that was begging to be refashioned!

picture in the center: Rebecca Minkoff Look Book - collage by moi

Than, yet, again, I got super-lazy and didn't cut several old plain white t-shirts, 
but bought t-shirt yarn at my local yarn store for 1 Euro. 
(I bought about 100 yr)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY cord, tubes and pearls bracelet

here it is: the perfect summer bracelet.

Totally inspired by a designer's one who asked to not be mentioned. 
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