Wednesday, June 13, 2012


where do you take your inspiration from?

Here is where I land:

the name of this blog is, in fact, inspiration&realisation. 

Before switching to "make-mode" for a new project, the brain needs to be fed with stimulant ideas and images to make that switch moving from OFF to ON position.

These are the sources where I check daily to keep my brain running and well fed ;)

My cheat-sheet for inspiration: 
if it's on the WWW somewhere... she'll find it.

For inspiration about runway, looks, new collections... the bible: 
Vogue and the latest addition: voguepedia

Editorials inspiration: fashion gone rogue

for crochet and other cool things: pinterest boards: 

Window-Web-shopping inspiration: 

Design, home décor and and everything home... 

And of course, my bloglovin is my blog-pedia, where I keep organized by 'genres' something like 250 blogs  (adding more every day!)

BTW... Am I in your bloglovin? ... this is the correct link, after I switched to the .com domain:

One thing I know for sure: I would like to have more hours in a day to read carefully and check every single blog out there!

Where you get inspired from?... I can surely add more sources!!! 

xox, d.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I will definitely have to check out voguepedia. My inspiration comes from you and your wide variety of projects, and from the blogs I post from. Now lots of my inspiration comes from projects being done on Tumblr by regular people who are not only following trends but making them.

  2. Hello D!
    Thank you, thank you that you can use my Pinterest boards for your inspiration:) You are quite an inspiration for many others! Thanks again!

  3. My earlier comment is gone ... I think? In which I thanked you ...?
    I forgot to write where I find my inspiration: currently mainly by looking at flowers and color combinations, prints and patterns. I find it a very satisfying to work with colors, my stash yarn is actually my color box :) And of course the work of other crafters is an endless source of inspiration.


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