Wednesday, June 13, 2012


where do you take your inspiration from?

Here is where I land:

the name of this blog is, in fact, inspiration&realisation. 

Before switching to "make-mode" for a new project, the brain needs to be fed with stimulant ideas and images to make that switch moving from OFF to ON position.

These are the sources where I check daily to keep my brain running and well fed ;)

My cheat-sheet for inspiration: 
if it's on the WWW somewhere... she'll find it.

For inspiration about runway, looks, new collections... the bible: 
Vogue and the latest addition: voguepedia

Editorials inspiration: fashion gone rogue

for crochet and other cool things: pinterest boards: 

Window-Web-shopping inspiration: 

Design, home décor and and everything home... 

And of course, my bloglovin is my blog-pedia, where I keep organized by 'genres' something like 250 blogs  (adding more every day!)

BTW... Am I in your bloglovin? ... this is the correct link, after I switched to the .com domain:

One thing I know for sure: I would like to have more hours in a day to read carefully and check every single blog out there!

Where you get inspired from?... I can surely add more sources!!! 

xox, d.

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