Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY silly bobbin ring

with a ring base and a glue gun

you can turn anything into a ring in a matter of seconds

...but this one has a bit of a story to tell.
E. likes to sew. 
{guess who taught her ;) ?}

The bobbin comes from my grand-aunt sewing machine from the 40's.

What I love about these bobbins is that they have written "MADE IN ITALY" on one side.
Besides the fact that the bobbins are old, I loved the made in Italy 
(so unusual nowadays with everything coming from China!!).

So E's birthday was few days ago and the rule in the family is:
- something nice
- something handmade
- something silly
While husband is pretty good on the 'something nice' part, I'm in charge of the something handmade and something silly. (not a surprise, uh?)

This ring is the "something silly". But she loved it!
"OMG, I love receiving Doni's originals, 
and this is so cool, nobody has anything like that!"

I winded up the bobbin with E's favorite color: LIGHT PURPLE (I used a heavy duty upholstery thread, since it's going to be a decorative item, and the thicker thread looks nicer on the bobbin).

Then left the thread long enough, and pass it with the needle through the bobbin few times, so that the thread wouldn't come un-do (and use a drop of fray-check on the un-winded part of the thread so it won't split)

Pour enough glue around the hole of the bobbin and press it on top of the ring base.

Silly, purple, handmade!
Plus: vintage, unique, and... a conversation piece... 

xox, d.


  1. superrr!! hats rings off :D

  2. bellissimo! Anch'io ho una borletti, era di mia nonna!
    Hai proprio ragione sul made in china. Stavo dicendo proprio ieri che i marchi stranieri per farsi una reputazione producono in italia e i loro capi sfoggiano un fiero "made in Italy" mentre qualunque cosa io trovi nei negozi italiani è "made in china"!

  3. Love this, its so cute. The idea behind it is so nice xx

  4. Very sweet & appropriate. What a nice keepsake for her.

  5. Really cute.. any idea how to make one that will actually spin around and you can use the thread?? I have a friend in to Punch Needle embroidery.. I'd love to make her one if she could use the thread

    1. Hi Jenn! sorry i'm late to answer this message, but I was travelling.
      My guess is that if you buy the bobbin winder part (pretty sure they sell these online as replacement parts), you should be able to glue that onto the base ring, and at that point the bobbin would spin. Let me know !!! thanks for stopping by!

  6. LOVE this idea! I am going to make one for myself today :) Super cute!!


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