Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY shoe dyeing

why dyeable shoes don't exist in italy? 

...I have no idea, but I would be their first customer.

I had my shoes dyed before and loved the results.
Dyeable shoes often come in my mini-tiny-size 4, and I would have most of my shoes-problems taken care.

Well, fact is: I had to come up with something, 
since I desperately need a pair of hot neon pink sandals.
(I know: very much a first-world-problem.)

for 3.5  € (about 5$) and really, 
not more than 10 minutes of work....

Those Nina sandals were in the back of my closet for maybe 8 or 9 years... the color originally was a shimmery pastel peach/pink, but between scuffs and toes marks they really didn't look good anymore.
Besides, I need HOT HOT NEON PINK.

I found this acrylic color: DEKA LACK. 
Let me tell you: It's DA THING.

The (unintentional) review:

The label states that the colors work fine on: leather, cardboard, paper, ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, chalk, metal, polystyrene and more.
You can dilute it with water, and dries in about 1 hour.
It's really thin and doesn't make the fabric thicker (that's why I didn't want to use fabric paint).
I didn't even have to mask the parts that I didn't want to paint, because it's so thin that while you paint, you just need to use a rag (or the fingers) to wipe off the paint in the un-wanted places.

Really: I don't even think I spent 10 minutes on this project.
The paint covered most of the marks (there was a darker one on one heel and that is almost completely gone) while, because it's so thin, you can see that the brand on the sole it's still there, and the sandals look just like they were born in this color.
The marks of the toes are totally gone as well.

And: resists to high temperatures (good thing, since I'm going to bring these babies to Houston) and to rain (again, you never know in Texas...).

Another plus: the fabric isn't stiff at all and I can twist and move the ties and the color doesn't chip nor peel.

... And my "two pennies" review results in: I'm giving to this Deka Lack a great pass!
xox, d.

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