Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY quote on pillow #2 + sparkle

question to E. (s-kid #3): 

what do you want for your graduation?

Answer: let me shop on your blog!
(proud s-mom moment!!!)

...And because she learned to knit from very truly yours:
she wanted the ultimate knitter pillow (previously seen HERE)

And she {still} loves purple, even better if it sparkles.

This is the exact same pillow I made a while ago with the quote

And this second time around was even easier because...

* freezer paper CAN BE used again. 
(I didn't know, but when I peeled off the first pillow, I put the stencils it into a folder. I tried to iron it on my fabric again, and... it still worked, and I was pretty relieved, since the tedious part is doing the cutouts)

* the glitter top coat is Pebeo Setacolor silver glitter finish. 
Using this glitter finish does add an extra step and extra drying time (but it's a very NOT- MESSY process, rather than mixing glitters on your own)
First, I painted the quote in all the different shades of purple.
24 hours later, I applied the glitter finish.
24 hours later, I could fix the colors with the iron
...and sew the pillow cover.

I already washed it 
(I always wash something after I finish sewing, just to remove all the fabric dust, chalk marks & co.) and the glitters are ALL there! 
(the picture of the pillow was taken after the wash)

And now it's ready to come with me to the graduation PARTAAYYY!

xox, d.

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