Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY knitting with wire

Because she loves pearls. ... And bracelets, too.

E's {late} birthday present: 
bracelet: sterling silver, and fresh water pearls.

I made this wide cuff about three weeks ago, but I couldn't post it on the blog, since it's E. s-kid #2's present,  and I know she's peaking on the blog now and then.


long story short:
this happened right in the middle of my Pinterest break-down.
I've pinned this bracelet with the idea to make it, and then.... the crash.

Thankfully, I knew that the tutorial was safely stored in THE PLACE.
THE PLACE you have to land if you want to find tutorials and all kind of ideas.

Anyway: I found the tutorial  in a matter of seconds, and got to work.

For my version I used sterling silver wire in 28 gauge dead soft.
Knitting needles size 11 US or 8mm, and about 40 fresh water pearls (because I used smaller pearls, so I needed more than what the original tutorial suggested)
I casted on 9 stitches and worked all in garter stitch, knitting one pearl in random order every row.

I just followed the tutorial and the result is simply stunning, delicate, sophisticate, elegant.
Because its a knit, it's stretchy enough 
that will go over the hand and fit around the wrist.

... I believe she loved it: since she send pictures to her friends right away. It's always a good sign!

xox, d.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog! Your version is really really pretty and looks like it came from a very expensive boutique. I like the way the smaller pearls look.

    1. you blog saved me!! thank you for all the work you put into finding all these good, good ideas :)

  2. this really looks amazing.... guess it's not easy to knit this wire it?

  3. Love this cuff, great job!

  4. It's really so beaufiful... unfortunately I can't knit! :(
    Well done!

  5. Wow, i really like this one it's so different than the other DIY bracelets I've seen lately! Great job!

  6. WOW-- what a beautiful, special piece. Thank goodness for True Blue Me and You! (I love her site!)

    1. Thanks Erin. Love your site and as I was just browsing your tutorial section (so easy to find everything now!)and was seeing just how much I've posted from you (Jolita Mourning Necklace and Morse Code Necklace still my favorites)!

  7. I love so much the result!!!

  8. It´s so beautiful, realmente espectacular.

    Besitos, maria

  9. Super cute and thanks for mentioning a new (great) resource for ideas :)

  10. molto bello! Un'altra tecnica che puoi provare di cui io amo il risultato è con l'uncinetto!

  11. I love, love, love this bracelet. I am a seasoned knitter and wire artist, this is so simple but elegant. I have one question. How do you finish it off. I click on the tutorial but it doesnt load for some reason. Thanks for posting such neat stuff

    1. Thank you Jo-Ann! to close, I did a sort of grafting between the two sides. I would love to see your work, what's your site/blog ?


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