Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DIY from marketing to fashion: baseball hats

baseball hats are coming back big time

Do you want to spend the big bucks
or you want to DIY yours
almost "free of charge"?

Here few examples of how to transform the baseball hats that once were just mere marketing materials, being left somewhere and never worn, into something much prettier, wearable, *free*, and totally in fashion!

the nautical navy hat with sailor's knot:

for this makeover you need:
- 50" of natural color cord (cut in four parts)
- 25" of gold cord (cut in two parts)

make a SAILOR'S KNOT (tutorial HERE)
PIN IT on the hat making sure that covers the logo
SEW IT on the sides and in the middle
...and you're done!

the red hat with gingham bow

for this makeover, you need four pieces of gingham fabric (or any print you like):
- two 12"x1-1/2" for the ties (cut along the straight side)
- one 2-1/4"x 24" for the band that will cover the logo (this can be in bias or straight cut)
- one (cut in bias) for the wrapping edge along the hat

place a DOT OF GLUE in the middle of the brand logo
place the fabric to COVER THE BRAND
wrap the fabric around the hat and secure it with few STITCHES IN THE BACK

rip off the stitches where the PLASTIC ties are
insert the FABRIC TIES and sew
ready to TIE A BOW in the back of your hat

to make the bias tape:
FOLD the fabric diagonally
CUT a stripe (1-1/2")
fold in along the length and PRESS
apply fabric GLUE on the edge of the hat
and press the fabric onto the edges

the black hat with the silk scarf :

this is a no-sew makeover: all you need is a scarf

FOLD the scarf in half diagonally
FOLD it again
wrap it around the hat and make a KNOT in the back
WRAP the ties and tuck them under the scarf
(you can place few safety pins from the inside of the hat, to make sure it won't move, or you sure can stitch it on)

I hope you liked these three ideas for the summer!
xox, d.


  1. much better your way Donatella :)

  2. So cute ! I might actually wear one !
    I posted my first DIY on the blog so come check it out
    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  3. sono D-e-l-i-z-i-o-s-i! uno più bello dell'altro!

  4. fantastic idea! I love the baseball cap trend. The one with the scarf is my favorite. Would you believe my luck when I stumbled on these beauties at a local thrift store? I had to have them and share them on my etsy (kept one of course). pls check this out: https://www.etsy.com/listing/96296404/straw-or-raffia-and-mesh-baseball-cap?ref=sr_gallery_1&ga_search_type=all&ga_search_query=baseball+cap+raffia&ga_ref=addon&ga_view_type=gallery


    1. i love this trend! baseball hats are all over this summer! love the scarves :)


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