Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY: extra inches with lace

refashion a basic tee with lace at the hem line

to add these few missing inches

My drawers have plenty of tops from the 90's.
...tops too short?  
(or mama too old?)
Today is the first post of the mini-series:

left: polyvore - collage by moi

Adding length with lace it's easy:
change the look of the most basic t-shirt 
to something more sophisticated.
Just like these Valentino or Miu Miu ...

(doesn't need to be a limited option for tops: 
you can use it for skirts, dresses, shorts, pants, 
and yes: tops, again: on the sleeves!)

(very un-flattering pictures to follow: sorry!!!)

 It's a 10 minutes project if you have a sewing machine,
about half hour if you have to do some hand stitching.
I decided to use a tone-sur-tone lace,
but you can use contrasting colors as well.
It's your call!

* get enough lace to match the circumference of the hem line of your top + about 4" 
(add a little extra if the lace has some large designs, so you'll be able to match the pattern on the sides)
* the lace has to be wide enough for the extra length you'll need to add to your top, plus an extra 1" or 1-1/2"

* in my case, the lace was much wider, so I cut the extra width to meet my needs

* pin the lace under the hem of the shirt, just about over the double top-stitching of the hem. 
Leave an extra 1" on each side

* cut the lace following the pattern on the lace on each end 
* overlap the extra 1" on the sides, pin and sew.

* sew over the top-stitching on the from and the back, leaving about 1/2" near the sides un-sewn
* use some fray-check on the trimming of the lace, just to be sure that it won't unravel.

Note: if you'll be using some elasticized, stretch lace, you won't need to leave the sides open.
Try the top with a basting seam on the sides and see if it's comfortable to pull on and off.
My top is fitted, so I wouldn't pass over my shoulders without the side slits.

... it took longer to write the tutorial then actually making this refashion!!

If you haven't worn it for the past ----- years:
it feels just like a "new" top!!

xox, d.

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  1. Great idea !!! I actually have a couple of those just a little short tops ! Thanks !

    Guess what, now pinterest sees pins from my blog as spam !!! Bummer ! I sent them an email, well see !

    1. thanks Marie-Eve :)
      about Pinterest: IFB wrote an article to what happened to me:

      contact Pinterest first, but then also leave a comment on the IFB site. They are a big community and their voice is stronger than "one blogger at the time" . Hope you get things resolved quickly, I know how frustrating this is! xox, d.

    2. I'm also now being called spam by Pinterest. Heading over to IFB now~

  2. Great idea! I have a lot of T-shirt that are too short!
    I´m going to do it :)

  3. Awesome as always! I have a few tops that need this!

  4. Love this! I have loads of lace I need to do something with~

  5. Great idea!! I like it!!

  6. Great idea! Will try it out because I have quite some lace in my stash. Thanks for this great tip.
    Edith from Switzerland

  7. Very cute! As always with you:)

  8. What a brilliant idea! I have many tops that are too short and its hard to find the length I "need!" I'm not a sewer but I can do this, thank you so much!!

    1. thank you Aileen! this is one of those easy projects with maximum results!!

  9. OMG! this is fantastic.....I am so going to use this idea. when you have a long upper body it can be darn difficult to get shirts and tees that cover at least 2/3's of your behind.....thank you very much for posting this.

  10. Such a great idea to change up the wardrobe for cheap. Thanks

  11. Hi thanks for the tutorial. It was great to see it all laid out. I have plenty of tee-shirts that are too short. I wear a pelvic belt that I like to cover up as it is pretty ugly and it does unflattering things to your body as well. This tutorial has inspired me. Thanks

  12. Great tutorial. Do you think it will work on regular length tee to make a tunic length??

    1. it will - just make sure to have a long enough lace to make it into a tunic and that the t-shirt need to be wide enough around your hips - that's it! d.

  13. I'm just now seeing this and last week I took two of my many short shirts and added lace. Great minds think alike and I even left the slit in the side like yours! I need more lace and lots more thread! Thanks for sharing


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