Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY D&G multi-print wedge sandals

Fully inspired by D&G S/S 2012 footwear:

printed scarves +
nautical cord +
happy feet!

top pic: polyvore - collage by moi

from an old pair of unworn wedges 
to what will most likely become 
my favorite one this summer! 

Full detailed tutorial after the jump!

This is how I figured out how to make these:
First: I made a pattern for the wedge

1* trace with a marker on a piece of paper the shape of the wedge - lateral + back + front 
2* cutting and tracing again the same pattern, repeating the lateral side after the front side, mirroring the rest of the pattern
3* - 4* - 5* cut out the pattern on a piece of contact paper, and tried on the wedge to make sure there won't be any gaps and that fits reasonably fine on the wedge
6* from the pattern (a) cut the back part of the heel and pasted it on the front part, so that the two side of the fabric will join into the inside of the wedge - and cut the pattern in its final form.

Now, let's the fun begin!
I'm using the leftover silk from the denim and silk shirt plus few bits of the silk from the printed silk shorts

1* Fold the silk in half and cut in bias the pattern:
the bias wil make things easier while wrapping around the wedges 

2* You'll have two piece of silk like these

3* I ironed on some fusible fabric (and cut back in shape)
to give the silk some extra strength 

4* ...here I'm just making sure that everything is ok,
and where to start wrapping

5* You can see in the background the E6000 tube:
that's the glue I used in bulk quantity!

6* there aren't very many pictures of the glue and wrap part,
because my hands were messy! but here how the wedges looked like once wrapped

7* let dry the glue completely (one night +/-)

8* start trimming the extra fabric,
with smaller scissors when you'll get next to the edge  (or even your x-acto knife!)
9* I put some extra glue on the overlapping of the fabric in the inner side
and then proceed to apply a natural rope around the edge

Last {but not least} the ankle wrap:

1* I used the maroon band leftover from the shorts and the rest leftover parts - sew two long strips and added some fusible fabric
2* turned inside out using a safety pin (and sew the open part with few stitches)
3* one side of the band will be maroon, the other side will be with the print

... the ankle wrap is actually a bit of a cheat, since I just wrapped the silk band around the existing sandal straps.
But it works! 
... and I like it!

xox, d.

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