Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear Ben, nighty night

another open letter to Ben and the Pinterest team

{and why you guys should have a help desk instead of a zen desk)

point is: I'm back and so my boards!!

DAY 3: {that's where we were}

After I posted my previous open letter to Ben, I shared it on my Facebook page, and on the wall of Pinterest's Facebook page.
I wrote on their wall on day two explaining what was happening and just got few answer about things will get fixed and be just fine.

Then, I was checking back on the Pinterest's page to see what was going on.
And there were several other people complaining that their accounts were being deactivated.
In the meantime, also some of my readers commented on my post saying that their account was deactivated.
At least, Ben wasn't angry only at me. He was onto somebody else as well. 

{I just checked and all of these message on the Pinterest's Facebook wall aren't there anymore.}

Someone wrote that in California at that time were only 8 am and Pinterest is such a small company, to give the time to react, that he/she wasn't even sure they were working 24/7. 

Some others wrote that they are being spammed so badly, that they deactivated a ton of accounts and lots of people got caught into the crossfire.

But I'll get to that later.

At some point,  on the Facebook page (note, never got a peep from my previous requests) somebody answer the request of help of another user being deactivated and writes to go on a link and fill up a request to be reactivated.

Here's the link with all the instructions on what to do.

Yes, you're reading that right: Pinterest's help desk is called ZEN DESK!

" In common lexicon, the phrase "being zen" or "having a zen 
attitude" has come to mean viewing life calmly with equanimity."


You follow the steps, and few seconds later you'll get an email to verify your email address (just like when you sign up to a website). 
And clicked.
one second: auto-reponse (quite a loooong auto-reponse)
click on the link yada yada yada 
click.  guess what?
the account is still deactivated.

Went back to the Facebook page. 
Wrote that nothing is happening even with the link being posted.
I'm being told that my situation is so recent, wait and they'll get it fixed.

At the end of the long auto-reponse, there is this sentence:

"If you’re still unable to reactivate your Pinterest account, respond to this email and try to let us know as many details as possible such as your Pinterest username, the error message you see when you try to reactivate your account."

- Hit 'reply' and write that your account is still not active.

- You'll get another auto-reponse stating that your case has been "re-opened".

Wait. Have an ice-cream, Walk your dog (this is what I really did)
and few hours later...

Hi Donatella,

Sorry! Your account was deactivated because a significant number of your pins were linking to spam. Before pinning or repinning, please try to follow the link on the pin to ensure it's relevant to the image. We are working to automatically detect and stop spam, and we appreciate your help keeping our content high-quality in the meantime.

I reactivated your account. Just go back to and you should be back pinning in no time!

Dear Ben,
Thank you for rehabilitate me. I'm going to sleep tight tonight. 
But let's just make a point and be fair: all of my pins have been followed to their links and I AM sure they were relevant to the image: none of them were spam. 
You cannot tell me that you're a small company and you have no time to address all the issues in short time, and then check tons of accounts and their contents (tons of pins) and say that 'several were linking to spam', either you're small and have no resources to do this, or your big enough (does multi-million company means big enough on your books?) and you can check all of these data.

Because people have brains and actually process what they are being told.

The "small company" about Pinterest came up quite a few times these past few days.
.... let's define SMALL COMPANY:


Thanks for liking me again, Ben. 
Sorry if I'm being a big sarcastic at this point: but hey, I never said I was Zen.
Nighty night.

xox, d. 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. You should do a little more research before you publish your blogs. First, get over your 'Dear Ben' comments, we all know the man has better things to do than read your pithy notes to Pinterest. Pinterest is indeed WORTH many millions, but do they have many millions? Do your homework. They have fewer that 30 employees and are trying to keep more than 19 million users happy. Very few people will see your dis-genuine apology here. You ragged on Pinterest all over Facebook yesterday, you should be singing their praises all over Facebook today...

    1. I don't have any problems on posting this blog entry on Pinterrest's Facebook wall, but in case you haven't quite figured out.... I'm mostly saying that the whole question was handled very poorly. So, again, I would get "accused" of ragging the wall.
      and in case you're wondering how other people rather than myself consider Pinterest's support.... enjoy this "my homework" ...

      also... do you have a nick name or everybody calls you d7e2914e-9b7d-11e1-8cb4-000bcdca4d7a which turns out to be an anonymous profile?

  3. I am so glad it got sorted out. It really stinks to be unfairly accused of something. So Congrats on being a pinner of good standing again :)

  4. @d7e2914e-9b7d-11e1-8cb4-000bcdca4d7a Actually a lot of people will see this post. Ben may not read this blog but I do and so do thousands of my readers as I love posting Donatella's DIYs and they are among some of the most popular on my blog (you can google my blog - I don't post nasty anonymous comments). If you read the articles about Pinterest or even watched the NBC news profile on Pinterest, it is Ben's choice to have so few employees. In fact he's bragged about how few people he has working for him. For anyone savvy in business (and I hope Ben is, as he's running a multi million dollar company), you know that customer service is number one. Where does Pinterest's content come from? Well I know I pin from blogs (not Amazon, but BLOGS), thus bloggers putting up the content. So actually Pinterest would do well to listen to the blogs that drive its content and profits.

  5. "Zen desk" serve per avvisare l'utente che dovrà portare pazienza e calma infinita prima che si risolvano le cose!! :)))
    Spiace sapere che mr Ben è così occupato che per seguire le proprie attività debba ricorrere all'aiuto di personale. Un piccolo consiglio che mi sento di dargli è di assumere qualche persona in più, sempre che se lo possa permettere, of course!! ciao Doni meno male che sta storia è finita in bene, ma i toni risentiti del personale non li avrei digeriti neanche io, non è agli utenti che devono rivolgere il loro malumore per le condizioni di lavoro, ma al loro datore di lavoro. baci

  6. Thanks for answering my previous comment (on another post) regarding my problem with pinning to blogspot blogs (which is how I found your blog so thanks for sharing your problems with the internet!) I, too, am very careful to only pin to original sources, usually blogs like yours that are DIY crafters that do cool things like dye a pair of shoes a gorgeous neon pink (OMG I am so trying that). So, to accuse us of being "spammers" really is insulting. And hurtful.
    I particularly like your spot-on comment about Pinterest being a "small" company: ha! I am certain that they are more than aware that Instagram was purchased for $1 billion dollars and are doing the math! Let us be clear, while Pinterest is a free site, their richness comes from us mostly-crafty-chicks pinning away.
    Anyway, I found your blog because of my Pinterest problem, I am staying because you die shoes neon pink. Love your blog!
    So there is one good thing that came out of this Pinterest mess ;)

    1. Hi Elisabeth!
      welcome back!

      look, I'll be forever grateful to Ben & his gang for at least helping me keep my computer clean. I used to have all kind of folders with photos that were inspirational, with so much work about to keep the original link to the picture.
      They got a big toy, and it's not from yesterday, so in my opinion, they should STOP playing naive and being "small company". they perfectly know they are not.
      But it's a good excuse when things go bad, you know? like now with all the spam and hacks, all they can say is that 'they are a small company' ... with 19 MILLION users.
      Can you believe they are still in beta version?
      Do they want the whole planet to use pinterest before being a 1.0 ?

      I'm frustrated, and sorry about this rant.
      I'm glad my "bitchy" posts made it around and are being heard, although I had to start moderating the comments because I've got all sort of nastiness from some "very strong believers".

      All I want to do is crafting, painting my shoes hot pink and pin... !!!

      thanks for your support :)


  7. I had a few problems with pinterest recently, too. My account was thankfully not deactivated, but no new pins by people I follow would appear on my page for a few days. Addicted as I am, it really threw me into palpitations :) It was incredibly annoying, but helped me finally finishing off that biiiig book I started reading ages and ages ago. Just because something is offered for free doesn't mean the service should suck, does it? Glad you are sorted, and as opposed to a certain anonymous comment I think you are right kicking up a stink. You go, girl!

    1. Hi :) after this whole "pinterest" drama, I had to start moderating the comments (which I found annoying) because of all the "pinterest moms" who would send me nasty messages :) and yet again, i'm happy to use a good service, whether it's free or not, and feel in title to complain when something doesn't work properly whether free or not. :)


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