Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dear Ben, I'm losing my beauty sleep

an open letter to Ben and the Pinterest team

and why they will be responsible for some extra wrinkles 

pin this (yes, I said PIN) to spread the awareness, this could happen to your blog as well :(

Dear Ben,

two days ago (that feels like forever, darn), I've received an email from a reader that told me that every time she was clicking on some of the pins from my blog, she would get this:


Users have reported that this links to spam or other inappropriate content.


I never, ever, EVER 
posted anything that could be inappropriate or spam !! 


So what a normal user would do?
go to the pinterest support page and check what's going on. 
Nothing is being there on the subject on the Q&A, so I filled up a request.

To which,  I get an automated-reponse which closes my case telling me that I don't have to worry about spam because they are taking care of it.
Hold on... I was NOT reporting my blog as SPAM. 

So, I re-opened the case: (forget about the grammar mistakes, I was ballistic... I know I should have said ARE NOT SPAM)

Donatella inspiration&realisation, May 07 22:44 (PDT):
My blog and my content is NOT spam!

...and day one of this soap opera goes by.

... and nothing happened.

... and I didn't sleep well at all.


Weak up. Check Pinterest. (yes, before my double espresso)

Same. No, wait: not quite.

If I click on the pins from my blog with regional extension other than (because I'm in Italy right now) the clicks send me back to my home page. Not to the project which has been pinned, but to the homepage of my blog.
All the pictures pinned from are still spam.
Oh well, I can have my coffee. It's better than it was.
Something is about to get solved. phew.
I still haven't received anything but the automated responses from Pinterest, but hey, Ben, I know you are busy.

I'm still frustrated, but I have a busy day with a friend coming from abroad, so we have a lot to do. And Ben and the Pinterest team are working hard to solve this problem.

In the mean time, the discussion is open on my Facebook page, and some other people check their pins, and they're having the same problem... which feels kind of a release, you know,  knowing that I was not alone.

By the time I get home,.... check.
Nothing. I'm still a bad, bad person who SPAM. 
I write, once again:

Dear Ben
If you think I am spam, I will disappeared. But I'll do it my way. 
Because having the stigma of a spammer while all I do is using a sewing machine and a crochet hook is not what I deserve it. 
And I don't want you, Ben, having all my bad, bad spamming pictures on YOUR site. 

And life still goes on, therefore I had dinner.

...and get back to check later.

Oh, thank you, Ben.
I really appreciated that.
Uh, and if I want to contact support for assistance, I CAN'T. 
Because I CAN'T LOGIN.
And now even if I still want to delete 
the content of my boards I CAN'T. 
Because I CAN'T LOGIN. 
smart. really smart.

and I go to bed.
...and didn't sleep very well, actually I almost didn't sleep at all.

DAY 3: (not yet over)

Wake up. Check. Yup, I'm still banned. 
But today my pins even from the are linking back to my original posts!
...But I'm still a bad, bad person.

At some point, I know, dear Ben, 
You'll have me taking care of.
But I'm expecting some of the most expensive 
eye creams to be delivered at my address. 

Pinterest owe its  success because of people like me blogging about what they like, what they make, what they cook, or the way they dress or they like their houses, or what they want for their birthday. 
Or something else. 
Because the key of success of Pinterest is that it's about EVERY-THING.

So, dear Ben,
be kind, and take care of us, 
WE ARE the people that made you successful, 
remember that??

xox, d.

... to be continued
(and solved, I hope)


  1. No way ! I'm sorry about that ! Hope it gets all sort out !

  2. Hilarious!!!!
    Keep calm and......stop pinning :)

  3. They have to resolve this!
    What if people start to shut down their accounts because of their terms of conditions?
    Pinterest would be nothing without the people!

  4. Oh no! That is terrible. Please keep us posted!

  5. Is that why even my pinterest account is deactivated...I wrote to them with no reply...Ofcourse!! it never occurred to me that my blog would be considered spam as well...what the hell yaar...when did DIY bloggers become spammers...:X how do I check if my blog is banned??

  6. most recent pinterest boards are all missing!! please check yours with a direct link to see if its still there :(

  7. Ooh that's not good is it. I must admit I have e-mailed support at pinterest on three separate occasions with request for help/queries. Not one reply EVER! I now browse and pin anything of interest to my boards but I'm afraid I haven't pinned anything of mine, mainly because I haven't felt anything I've done lately was pinnable but I'm starting to think maybe it's a good thing I haven't!

  8. i'm glad they re-linked your pins. I actually had a few of your projects pinned and I noticed it didn't link back and wrote to Pinterest support - never heard back, and today they have deleted my request but at least they've relinked everything. I'm sorry to hear your account was cancelled though. Do you think designers could be behind the "spaming" when they see DIY bloggers DIYing their products? Anyway, I hope this gets resolved...

    1. i'm glad it's over :)
      it wasn't a designer related thing, pinterest got caught under a fire of spammers and I, with many other users, got into the net. anyway, I didn't like they way of putting it, since they told me that i wasn't pinning to the original source of the pin (not true) and many of my links were spam. I check what i'm pinning. sometimes admitting that is "their bad" would be a better and classier way to put it. :) anyway, again... it's over :)

  9. Again, I go back in my mind and I'm watching the fluff piece NBC news did on Ben and Pinterest (his MULTI BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS) and see an empty office space with almost no staff and Ben bragging about how few people he's employed! Well, how's that working for Pinterest? This is outrageous because 1. They haven't replied to you in a meaningful way (they didn't to me either when I wrote). 2. It could happen to any of us and this is where I keep a lot of projects I'm going to post at some point on my blog. RIDICULOUS.

  10. fai un bel post su face anche in italiano.l'unione fa la forza!! e se c'è qualcosa che nel mio piccolo posso fare per aiutarti fammi sapere! ciao doni tieni duro

  11. Since Pinterest got your problem all worked out AND since it was explained that it was simply an unfortunate but temporary glitch in their spam control efforts AND since you have tried to make it sound as if Pinterest is targeting bloggers in particular, don't you think that you should be just as 'vocal' in thanking them for this FREE service as you were in berating them to everyone?

    1. I thanked and promoted Pinterest several times, also on my blog. I like Pinterest!
      I'm thankful and appreciative when a service works, wether is free or not.
      I think I'm in title to complain when a service has problems, wether is free or not.
      and, in their letter, they didn't write me that it was a glitch in their spam system, but that I should pin carefully and go back to the original link and make sure that what I pin it's not spam: that's not admitting that they had a glitch in my books. but hey, we are all entitled of our opinions.

    2. @Ellen if a service is free is because YOU are the product!

  12. The same thing happened to me yesterday and I'm still waiting for a resolution. SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING!

    I am relieved that the situation got resolved for you, though and it makes me hopeful for a quick resolution. I guess this is the price for relying on such a new platform so quickly and so heavily; we are forced to bear the brunt of Pinterest's growing pains.

    Barry from

  13. I can't pin to any blogspot blog. I am not clear on how pinterest resolved your problem, can you elaborate?


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