Tuesday, April 3, 2012

paint. and change of purpose

Remember when cell phones weren't smart?
I know: sounds impossible that we could even survive!

I found some of my old phones and decided to save them into a new, different purposed, life.
(the very old, brick-like ones are in the landfill for about two decades now!! oh, I'm old, so what?)

Yet, another episode of ... Just two coat of paint (silver spray paint, in this case: just wipe
 your plastic items with alcohol first and let dry) and your old cell phones will become something else:
... a conversation piece
... a paper weight
... hot-glue a magnet on the back for a big refrigerator magnet
... or simply: just objects on a shelf. 

Now that they are retired they can rest... beautifully.

This Motorola Star Tac is my favorite. 

xox, d.
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