Monday, April 23, 2012

#DIYBFW day 6: Phillip Lim ribbon embellished silk chiffon top

It's my turn!!!
day 6 of DIY Bloggers Fashion Week!

And my inspiration is yet, 
another piece from
3.1 Phillip Lim's collection

Photos of Phillip Lim top from - collages by moi

fully detailed tutorial is just after the jump!
First thing first:
let's gather the materials!
*a nude-color t-shirt (mine was 3.5$)
* 1yr of white silk chiffon (10$)
* 9yr of 2-1/4" grosgrain in the color of your choice (4.5$)
* pins, 
* matching threads
* ruler & marker
* a binder clip
+ (not pictured: fray check & 1 yr of white bias tape)
so let's say all things considered... about 20 bucks!

transforming the t-shirt into a sleeveless top

CUT off the sleeves leaving about 1/2"
fold and BASTE
SEW with the twin needle for a perfect store-bought look!
{twin needles don't like pins... that's why it's better to baste first :) }

placing the grosgrain ribbons onto the shirt

the binder clip will be useful to establish gravity 
and a perfect perpendicular line of the grosgrain ribbon

pin on the shoulders and along the neckline 
(note: the ribbons on the shoulders are double length, folded and pinched in the middle!)

ribbons on one side (front and back) are longer then all the others

pin the ribbons in the back (help very much useful) 
at the same distance than the ribbons in the front

sew the ribbons along the neckline (I used a zig-zag stitch) 
when done, cut the excess

the silk chiffon shell

1* the chiffon shell will have only one seam in the back, 
measure your widest part in your torso,  and add about  6"
fold and make a French seam (useful tutorial here)

2* fold the chiffon with the seam  in the middle of the back,
 do some basting stitching for about 4" on each side on the top
and cut about 5" on each side 

3* try on the shell on top of the shirt and mark 
the neckline and the armholes 
(again, if you have somebody to help will be much easier)

4*cut over the lines that you marked, leaving 1/4" extra fabric

5* pin the shell on top of the shirt 
(I put the shirt and the shell over a piece of cardboard that I normally use when I paint my t-shirts)
I used some white bias cotton tape to finish the neckline, 
much easier than working in bias with the silk chiffon.
And, always around the cardboard, I hand stitched the double rolled hem on the armholes.

6* basting stitching on the hem line 
and another trial to be really sure that everything fits properly :)

finishing touches

In front of the mirror, place some pins horizontally on the grosgrain ribbons, 
just where the hemline of the shell will hit the ribbons 
(still remember to leave the two on one side -front and back- about 3-1/2" longer)

Place a generous amount of fray check where you have the pins, 
and cut the excess grosgrain ribbon once dry

here's the details of the finished DIY top:

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you enjoyed this whole week 

xox, d.


  1. Great tutorial! I think this is the first time I leave a comment in your blog, although I follow it for quite some time. Your posts are always inspiring, thank you!

  2. You are AMAZING!!!!!! great top and great tutorial!!

  3. incredibile, bellissima,WOW! Come sempre un bellissimo tutorial!
    Phillip Lim ha un concorrente!

    1. Grazie Alessia! ... spero che PL non mi scateni appresso gli avvocati... LOL!!!!

  4. very nice!!! Great job

  5. Really gorgeous and elegant! I was perplexed when I read "BUST SEW". It took me a few minutes (I'm slow today) but I think you meant "baste". Thanks for the wonderful tutorial and leaving a smile on my face :)

  6. this is amazing! just found your blog – you have a great blog! Do you want to follow each other? i'm already following you on GFC! hope you will follow back!

    xoxo, andie
    Fashionista's Pick


  7. absolutely wonderful! I love it and I copied

    many kisses ....


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