Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY your own Leif necklace

Power of DIY: 
when you see several details here and there,
and by making it yourself, you mix and match...

Loved a little here and there of these three necklaces from Leif: ranging from 42$ to 60$.
I had the rope, the mason twine, the spray paint...
only needed the copper "beads"!

left pics from - collage by moi

This is another 
"go to the HomeDepot to buy your beads" 

You'll need:

* three copper pressure slip couplings in three different sizes:
1x 1/2"($0.50); 1x3/4"($1.64); 1x 1" ($2.42)
( - plumbing dept)
* one yard of rope of your desired color
(make sure that the rope will be able to go through 4 times onto the smaller coupling)
* mason twine in contrast color
* spray paint
* tape
* sand paper or nail-file
* scissors, lighter, glue: as usual

0* (not pictured) use the nail file or the sandpaper to brush your copper 'beads' - rinse and dry well
{this operation will take off the shiny, too plumbing look, and the copper will turn into a beautiful pink rose}
1* tape the part that you want to leave in copper
2* spray paint - let dry - spray paint - let dry... about 5 or 6 coats
3* remove the tape and LET DRY!! the paint will be thick and need to be really well dried... like 40 minutes or so.
4*double your cord and thread the larger of the "beads", leaving two short ends of the rope on the side
5* thread the medium "bead"
6* and then pass onto the smaller one
7* tie the rope tight around the copper couplings (hem... beads)
8* make sure that the length is enough to go over your head and cut the excess rope - leaving about 3/4" on the shorter side
9* burn the ends of the rope so won't fray and glue the ends together
10* glue one end of the mason twine
11* secure the ropes and the mason twine with some tape
12* wrap the mason twine around for about 1-1-4"  {cut the mason twine, burn the end and use a big needle to pass it under the wrap}
... repeat on the other side and enjoy it!

xox, d.
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