Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY rope style link bracelet

Everyone is pinning these rope bracelets sold @ Anthropologie...

designed by Sabrina Dehoff.

Moi? I made my own.

For a fraction of the cost (naturally)
image on the top: Sabrina Dehoff - collage by moi
... and took me about 5 minutes.

 Supplies needed:

...see that shiny metal tube?
Home Depot, again: it's plumbing supply! 4.28$ (it's actually the pricey part of the bracelet, since I had everything else)

* two end cups + clasp + chain (about 3 $ if you go out and buy everything)
* 5" of each color cord: mine are all leftovers of several different bracelets and necklaces: 7 strands total.
* a lighter or a candle
* scissors & needle + thread
... and of course glue. either a glue gun or E6000 will do.

5 minutes tutorial:

1* burn one side of all the ropes
2* put the edges together and sew it with few stitches
3* measure around your wrist and cut the other side of the ropes
4* burn the edge
5* place some glue inside one of the end cap 
6* fit the ropes inside the end cap and place the tube onto the ropes
7* place glue onto the other end cap and place the ropes inside

then, I made another one.
fancier, with satin twisted rope   in the shades
of the ocean and the beach!
using  copper {ehm... rose gold} plumbing coupling and end pipes!

xox, d.

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