Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY Matthew Williamson neon drawstring bracelet

Are you ready for more...
neon & rope? 
heck, yes!

Today's fun project comes straight from Matthew Williamson... 

top pics: - collage by moi
By doing the I&R version you'll have to gather ALL your supplies
at the Home Depot.

* slightly less than a yard of nylon rope
* a lighter (or a candle, or even few matches)
* scissors (and cutting pliers, not in the picture)
* and the copper .... hem ... BEADS. No, these are NOT beads: they are copper crimp connectors (available in the electrical aisle: these are two different sizes, they come in 50 units pack and they are about 5$ )

In fact, with 15$ you can make at least 3 bracelets 
and you'll still have some parts left....

1* cut the rope in half (and burn the ends) and slide into both ends one of the small crimp connectors
2* pass both other ends of the rope onto the bigger size crimp connectors
3* and keep using the connectors as tube beads {also, alternate the wider part so the bracelet will stay even}
4* keep doing this until you reached the desired length of the bracelet (about 5") and slide on both ends of the rope another small connector
5* using cutting pliers, cut in half one of the bigger crimp connectors
6* and try to get one half as round as possible (use sand paper or a nail file to make the cutting side smooth)
7* now pass all 4 ends of the rope onto the half connector that will function as slider (it's really tight)
8* then take two small connectors and keeping the narrower part toward the bracelet, slide two ends of the rope in each one
9* cut the excess of the rope and make the strings even, leave about 1/8" of rope hanging out of the connector
10* with the lighter, burn the excess rope and, while melting, tap it onto a smooth surface (glass, steel, cutting board) in a matter of seconds the nylon will harden and turn into plastic, and the connector will stay firmly in place.

The pack of connectors will be enough 
for quite few of these, 
one in each neon color you can possibly crave!!! 
{without breaking the bank}

xox, d.
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