Monday, April 9, 2012

DIY fedora à la Eugenia Kim

Last year I bought a fedora straw hat. ($10)
Plain. Black.
too plain  + too black = never worn
time for an update!

So... started to look around to find a way to make it less plain, more interesting!
... and one hour later...

Totally inspired by this beautiful straw fedora hat by Eugenia Kim 
(I believe it's from last year's collection) 

...See the side by side view:

left pic:  - collage by moi

If you want to make one: this project has the minimum needs of supplies:

* 2 yr of twisted rope
* cotton yarn or embroidery floss of the same color of the rope
* a needle big enough for the thread you'll be using
* scissors

Let's go over the easy-peasy how-to!
First: make the stripes

1* remove whatever trim might be on the brim of your fedora
2* make a knot on your thread and pass the needle through - start from the center part in the back
3* go around in a simple running stitch
4* because straw hats are made on a spiral, the back will look like this
5* skip few raws of the straw and keep doing the running stitch {the inside will look like this) -
My stripes are every 9 raws.

Then: make the sailor's knot on the brim

1* double the rope and make a knot leaving a small loop
2* place the doubled rope around the brim and pass the two ends of the rope into the loop
3* the doubled rope passes under
4* then passes over
5* then passes through the loop
6* stitch it in place tightly
7* cut the excess rope
8* flip the whole thing inside out
9* 2 or 3 stitches to keep it in place on the brim and... DONE!! the side by side knot details:

xox, d.
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