Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY D&G high-waisted silk shorts

This is the first 
"silk-print = reuse a scarf "
... And won't be the last one, either.

This is a silk scarf that hasn't been worn in years. 
I guess it's the right time to put it to work!

Full detailed tutorial after the jump!

The pattern for my shorts comes from an old pair of torn pants
 to which I ripped off the seams and draw the pattern 
before throwing them away.

If you take a pair of pants and put the inside out, you can draw your own pattern 
(even without ripping the seams off!)

{a pair & a spare has a detailed tutorial on how to make the pattern: 
although looks like she ended up making the front side exactly like the back side - 
which in my opinion will lead to fitting "issues"}

1* fold the scarf in half and place your patterns on the silk,
and trace it with a chalk of water removable marker
2* cut the pattern - leaving about 1/2" of seams allowance
3* put the front side over the back side (right side in)
on both legs and sew the outside seam firs, then the inside seam
and then the crotch area 
4* fold the waistline about 1/4" in and then another 1" - pin it and iron it
(will be easier to sew if it is nice and flat)

5* Leave about 1" opening at the back of the waist

6* take a safety pin and pin the elastic band 
7* and make the elastic band slip through all around the waist -
cut at the right size and sew few stitches on the elastic 

8* finish the back side that you left open and sew another seam just above the elastic

9* fold the solid color band at the bottom of the leg, and pin it
10* sew at about 1/2" (leaving an opening on the inside of the leg)
- just enough room for the elastic band to slip through
 Repeat on the other leg - cut the elastic band, sew few stitches and sew back the opening. 

... your shorts are ready-to-wear 
D&G summer 2012... homemade!!!

xox, d.
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