Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY D&G denim and silk twill patchwork shirt

here's my take on the paneled D&G denim shirt

...I said that there would be more
than just one scarf-reuse-related project!

left pic: - collage by moi

...just a quick note: 
I don't think I would actually wear it with the printed silk shorts
It was just for photo-comparison purpose!

Full detailed tutorial after the jump!

1* rip off the seams of the front of the shirt 

2* Cut the two from panels off (leaving about 1/2" on the edges )

3* use the cut parts as your pattern, leaving 1" on the edge
(1/2" you left it on the shirt + 1/2" as seams allowance)
4* pin the panels in place

5* sew the side next to the button opening first

6* then sew the top panel and the armhole

7* sew the sides (and this is how it will look from the inside)

Because my shirt has the two shoulder patches, I decide not to add the pockets 
... so much for taking about 30 minutes to rip the pockets off of the denim shirt! 

xox, d.
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