Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY colorblock Céline pants (as seen on Jenna Lyons)

This was originally my intention for the 
DIY Bloggers Fashion Week's post.
Then I didn't want to make too much
 a fool of myself!! ;)

Left: Jenna Lyons wearing Céline colorblock silk pants
 Tommy Ton for - collage by moi

Fashion Week are not just about runway and catwalks...
Street style photographers are taking over.
A picture is worth a million words.

But this is a blog about tutorials, DIY, 
and NOT spending over 1500$ on a pair of 
by Céline. 
(and last, but not least, worn by Jenna Lyons.
And if this wasn't enough... captured in picture by Tommy Ton)

So, excuse me if I was playing dress up in from of my very own garage door,
but I couldn't help it!

Anyway, it all started from a pair of pants that were in my closet for who knows how long,
since the waist belt was so tight I couldn't even breathe.

This transformation cost me 16$!

* 1/2 yr royal blue silk $8
* 1/2 yr red silk $8
(try to find the silk in the same weight of your existing pants)
* red, blue, black and basting thread
* scissors & pins & ruler
* tailor's chalk

1- make waist wider and change waist belt into red 
2- make inside pockets red
3- make the side tuxedo blue stripe
4- make it into skinny pants
...Yes, I know, the block of colors at the bottom of the legs.
I pinned some blue fabric to check it out... and didn't look good on me...
So... I just left the vertical bands do their job and make my legs look a little longer ;)
(...I'm a real shortie at 5'2")
My personal piece of advise:
and this is not just on this project, 
but on every reconstruction/deconstruction 
of an existing garment.
Take pictures of how the seams were positioned, 
how the fabric was folded:
try to learn the construction of the garment while 
ripping off the seams!
This way, 
it will come easier to put the pieces back together. ;)

fully detailed tutorial is just after the jump!

make the waist wider & change the color

Because I need the waist wider: I wore the pants and decide how much "extra room" I needed :( 
1* rip off the seams of the existing belt and use it to trace the pattern and add the extra 
2* I traced the pattern directly on the fusible material: I cut the fusible, and ironed on the red silk
3* Cut all the different pieces and start sewing first the shorter sides together, and iron the seams flat
4* now put the two pieces of the waist together - right sides in - and sew the inner seam 
5* fold right sides out and iron
6* this is how it will look like once it's finished!

make inside pockets red

rip off the seams of the inner pockets
use the old pockets as a pattern
cut (and zig zag) the red silk inner pockets, pin back in place and sew

make the side tuxedo blue stripe

take a pair of pants that have a similar fit to the ones that you'll want achieve
pin these pants over your existing ones
mark the width of the waist and the legs
... in case baste and try the pants on
(I was sure it would fit, 
so I started to make the blue side tuxedo stripe and take in the legs all in once)
keep in mind that you'll add a stripe on the side of 1":
to cut the silk, remember that it's not just a straight line, but it will curve at your hips
once you cut the silk, zig-zag on the sides
open the external seams of the pants, and sew the stripe
...and try the pants on BEFORE cutting the extra fabric on the inside :)

adjust if needed. or otherwise, proceed to zig-zag all the pieces together 
and cut the extra fabric inside

At this point,
you'll just have to pin and sew the waist belt
and make a button hole;
sew the hem seam,
and give your new, sassy color block pants 
a good press with a steamy iron...
...and you're done!

xox, d. 

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