Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY D&G denim and silk twill patchwork shirt

here's my take on the paneled D&G denim shirt

...I said that there would be more
than just one scarf-reuse-related project!

left pic: - collage by moi

...just a quick note: 
I don't think I would actually wear it with the printed silk shorts
It was just for photo-comparison purpose!

Full detailed tutorial after the jump!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY rope style link bracelet

Everyone is pinning these rope bracelets sold @ Anthropologie...

designed by Sabrina Dehoff.

Moi? I made my own.

For a fraction of the cost (naturally)
image on the top: Sabrina Dehoff - collage by moi
... and took me about 5 minutes.

 Supplies needed:

...see that shiny metal tube?
Home Depot, again: it's plumbing supply! 4.28$ (it's actually the pricey part of the bracelet, since I had everything else)

* two end cups + clasp + chain (about 3 $ if you go out and buy everything)
* 5" of each color cord: mine are all leftovers of several different bracelets and necklaces: 7 strands total.
* a lighter or a candle
* scissors & needle + thread
... and of course glue. either a glue gun or E6000 will do.

5 minutes tutorial:

1* burn one side of all the ropes
2* put the edges together and sew it with few stitches
3* measure around your wrist and cut the other side of the ropes
4* burn the edge
5* place some glue inside one of the end cap 
6* fit the ropes inside the end cap and place the tube onto the ropes
7* place glue onto the other end cap and place the ropes inside

then, I made another one.
fancier, with satin twisted rope   in the shades
of the ocean and the beach!
using  copper {ehm... rose gold} plumbing coupling and end pipes!

xox, d.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Red Valentino lace-trimmed t-shirt

another easy, lovely DIY t-shirt refashion

If you are my friend on Facebook
you know that I made a promise 
of another simple, yet adorable 
Red Valentino t-shirt tutorial!

left: - collage by moi
I always keep my promises ;)

* lace... 2$
* matching thread 
* pins & scissors
I used my sewing machine, but the sewing involved is not much, you can do it by hand!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY colorblock Céline pants (as seen on Jenna Lyons)

This was originally my intention for the 
DIY Bloggers Fashion Week's post.
Then I didn't want to make too much
 a fool of myself!! ;)

Left: Jenna Lyons wearing Céline colorblock silk pants
 Tommy Ton for - collage by moi

Fashion Week are not just about runway and catwalks...
Street style photographers are taking over.
A picture is worth a million words.

But this is a blog about tutorials, DIY, 
and NOT spending over 1500$ on a pair of 
by Céline. 
(and last, but not least, worn by Jenna Lyons.
And if this wasn't enough... captured in picture by Tommy Ton)

So, excuse me if I was playing dress up in from of my very own garage door,
but I couldn't help it!

Anyway, it all started from a pair of pants that were in my closet for who knows how long,
since the waist belt was so tight I couldn't even breathe.

This transformation cost me 16$!

* 1/2 yr royal blue silk $8
* 1/2 yr red silk $8
(try to find the silk in the same weight of your existing pants)
* red, blue, black and basting thread
* scissors & pins & ruler
* tailor's chalk

1- make waist wider and change waist belt into red 
2- make inside pockets red
3- make the side tuxedo blue stripe
4- make it into skinny pants
...Yes, I know, the block of colors at the bottom of the legs.
I pinned some blue fabric to check it out... and didn't look good on me...
So... I just left the vertical bands do their job and make my legs look a little longer ;)
(...I'm a real shortie at 5'2")
My personal piece of advise:
and this is not just on this project, 
but on every reconstruction/deconstruction 
of an existing garment.
Take pictures of how the seams were positioned, 
how the fabric was folded:
try to learn the construction of the garment while 
ripping off the seams!
This way, 
it will come easier to put the pieces back together. ;)

fully detailed tutorial is just after the jump!

Monday, April 23, 2012

#DIYBFW day 6: Phillip Lim ribbon embellished silk chiffon top

It's my turn!!!
day 6 of DIY Bloggers Fashion Week!

And my inspiration is yet, 
another piece from
3.1 Phillip Lim's collection

Photos of Phillip Lim top from - collages by moi

fully detailed tutorial is just after the jump!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

#DIYBFW day 5: Mattew Williamson flower blouse

it's day 5 

bright colors print
for a fantastic blouse inspired by
Matthew Williamson!
I'm in awe :) 

learn how to make one 
with Charely over at ChicCheat
with this video tutorial!
No, it's not just about the blouse...
it's also about on how-to screen print 
your very own print!! 
How neat...!
xox, d.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

#DIYBFW day 4: Dolce & Gabbana flowers sunglasses

it's day 4

let's play with accessories!
sunnies? yes, please!

From Dolce & Gabbana, 
brought to you by Carly @ Chic-Steals ...
and you can even for make your very own flowers!

xox, d.

Friday, April 20, 2012

#DIYBFW day 3: D&G scarf dress

DAY 3 of 

make a beautiful silk print dress 
inspired by
D&G S/S/2012 collection
...a scarf transformation ;)

follow the detailed step-by-step tutorial 
provided by Alessia @ A Matter of Style

...gorgeous, right???

xox, d.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

#DIYBFW day 2: Isabel Marant head to toes!


will not leave you disappointed:

Do you love Isabel Marant?
...we do!
check Micol's video
over at feed your style
if you want to make yourself 
not one, not two, but three 
pieces of the collection 

xox, d.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#DIYBFW day 1: Dolce & Gabbana inspired Jelly sandals


...and how better start your day than with...
a pair of DIY shoes?

check Kristen's tutorial 
over at Glitter 'N Glue 
if you're all over these bejeweled summer Jelly sandals!

xox, d.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#DIY Bloggers Fashion Week

New York, London, Milan, Paris...
Fashion Weeks are all over the world and so our inspiration!
We are proud to introduce you to the 

What we liked
What we coveted
We'll show you how!

6 DIY bloggers
with 6 DIY tutorials
will join forces to feed your DIY inspiration.

Every day for ONE WEEK 
- starting tomorrow -
a new DIY tutorial will be unveiled!

xox, d.

Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY D&G high-waisted silk shorts

This is the first 
"silk-print = reuse a scarf "
... And won't be the last one, either.

This is a silk scarf that hasn't been worn in years. 
I guess it's the right time to put it to work!

Full detailed tutorial after the jump!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

vote vote vote!

Typography Challenge Poll

just click on the button, 
click on your favorite {moi???}

and come back each day, till the end of April
in case you need a reminder...
my entry was the vinyl cuckoo clock ;)

xox, d.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY Matthew Williamson pompom neckline

Translate the word "summer" in colors:
turquoise & yellow 
make it in sequins and pompoms and you have it all!
pics on the top from: - collage by moi

totally inspired by Matthew Williamson...
may I introduce you to:
the summer-must-have t-shirt!
{now I only need one thing: the SUMMER!!!}


* I used a long sleeve t-shirt from Old Navy (last year's sales, 2 for 3$)
* pompom trim in yellow
* indigo blue large sequins
* gold faceted sequins (leftover from these shorts)
* acqua and turquoise seed beads and dark blue baguette beads
* matching thread, needle, scissors... yada yada

Make sure that the shirt you're using has a large neckline, or after sewing the trim and the beads on, you won't be able to get your head into!
A boat neck or scoop neck will work best.

* PIN the trim in place
* SEW the trim (only on the topside, so it won't get wobbly)
* SEQUINS first round: on the trim - one blue sequin, with one aqua bead on top
* SEQUINS second round: next to the trim - one gold sequin, with one turquoise bead on top
* BEADS next to the edge of the neckline: two turquoise beads - one baguette blue bead

Total time: about two hours!

Apparently, I wasn't the only one mesmerized by this MAtthew Williamson piece: check also  Desde Tenerife Con Amor's version HERE!

xox, d.

Monday, April 9, 2012

DIY fedora à la Eugenia Kim

Last year I bought a fedora straw hat. ($10)
Plain. Black.
too plain  + too black = never worn
time for an update!

So... started to look around to find a way to make it less plain, more interesting!
... and one hour later...

Totally inspired by this beautiful straw fedora hat by Eugenia Kim 
(I believe it's from last year's collection) 

...See the side by side view:

left pic:  - collage by moi

If you want to make one: this project has the minimum needs of supplies:

* 2 yr of twisted rope
* cotton yarn or embroidery floss of the same color of the rope
* a needle big enough for the thread you'll be using
* scissors

Let's go over the easy-peasy how-to!
First: make the stripes

1* remove whatever trim might be on the brim of your fedora
2* make a knot on your thread and pass the needle through - start from the center part in the back
3* go around in a simple running stitch
4* because straw hats are made on a spiral, the back will look like this
5* skip few raws of the straw and keep doing the running stitch {the inside will look like this) -
My stripes are every 9 raws.

Then: make the sailor's knot on the brim

1* double the rope and make a knot leaving a small loop
2* place the doubled rope around the brim and pass the two ends of the rope into the loop
3* the doubled rope passes under
4* then passes over
5* then passes through the loop
6* stitch it in place tightly
7* cut the excess rope
8* flip the whole thing inside out
9* 2 or 3 stitches to keep it in place on the brim and... DONE!! the side by side knot details:

xox, d.

Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY your own Leif necklace

Power of DIY: 
when you see several details here and there,
and by making it yourself, you mix and match...

Loved a little here and there of these three necklaces from Leif: ranging from 42$ to 60$.
I had the rope, the mason twine, the spray paint...
only needed the copper "beads"!

left pics from - collage by moi

This is another 
"go to the HomeDepot to buy your beads" 

You'll need:

* three copper pressure slip couplings in three different sizes:
1x 1/2"($0.50); 1x3/4"($1.64); 1x 1" ($2.42)
( - plumbing dept)
* one yard of rope of your desired color
(make sure that the rope will be able to go through 4 times onto the smaller coupling)
* mason twine in contrast color
* spray paint
* tape
* sand paper or nail-file
* scissors, lighter, glue: as usual

0* (not pictured) use the nail file or the sandpaper to brush your copper 'beads' - rinse and dry well
{this operation will take off the shiny, too plumbing look, and the copper will turn into a beautiful pink rose}
1* tape the part that you want to leave in copper
2* spray paint - let dry - spray paint - let dry... about 5 or 6 coats
3* remove the tape and LET DRY!! the paint will be thick and need to be really well dried... like 40 minutes or so.
4*double your cord and thread the larger of the "beads", leaving two short ends of the rope on the side
5* thread the medium "bead"
6* and then pass onto the smaller one
7* tie the rope tight around the copper couplings (hem... beads)
8* make sure that the length is enough to go over your head and cut the excess rope - leaving about 3/4" on the shorter side
9* burn the ends of the rope so won't fray and glue the ends together
10* glue one end of the mason twine
11* secure the ropes and the mason twine with some tape
12* wrap the mason twine around for about 1-1-4"  {cut the mason twine, burn the end and use a big needle to pass it under the wrap}
... repeat on the other side and enjoy it!

xox, d.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY under the sink caddy

This one is a "quickie"!

Need that little under the sink caddy 
to keep your sponges and gloves out of the way?

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle ... a plastic container
(you need a rectangular-ish shaped one)

all you need (besides your empty and washed container) is: 
a marker, and a pair of scissors.

= 0$ and really, 5 minutes of your time

* draw a line in the front  about  3-1/2" rom the bottom, and in the back at about 4"
* cut on the lines
* use two small screws to attach it inside your cabinet under the sink
... it's lightweight, the sponges will not drip inside your cabinet, and everything will be right in its place once you need it!

xox, d.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

paint. and change of purpose

Remember when cell phones weren't smart?
I know: sounds impossible that we could even survive!

I found some of my old phones and decided to save them into a new, different purposed, life.
(the very old, brick-like ones are in the landfill for about two decades now!! oh, I'm old, so what?)

Yet, another episode of ... Just two coat of paint (silver spray paint, in this case: just wipe
 your plastic items with alcohol first and let dry) and your old cell phones will become something else:
... a conversation piece
... a paper weight
... hot-glue a magnet on the back for a big refrigerator magnet
... or simply: just objects on a shelf. 

Now that they are retired they can rest... beautifully.

This Motorola Star Tac is my favorite. 

xox, d.

Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY Matthew Williamson neon drawstring bracelet

Are you ready for more...
neon & rope? 
heck, yes!

Today's fun project comes straight from Matthew Williamson... 

top pics: - collage by moi
By doing the I&R version you'll have to gather ALL your supplies
at the Home Depot.

* slightly less than a yard of nylon rope
* a lighter (or a candle, or even few matches)
* scissors (and cutting pliers, not in the picture)
* and the copper .... hem ... BEADS. No, these are NOT beads: they are copper crimp connectors (available in the electrical aisle: these are two different sizes, they come in 50 units pack and they are about 5$ )

In fact, with 15$ you can make at least 3 bracelets 
and you'll still have some parts left....

1* cut the rope in half (and burn the ends) and slide into both ends one of the small crimp connectors
2* pass both other ends of the rope onto the bigger size crimp connectors
3* and keep using the connectors as tube beads {also, alternate the wider part so the bracelet will stay even}
4* keep doing this until you reached the desired length of the bracelet (about 5") and slide on both ends of the rope another small connector
5* using cutting pliers, cut in half one of the bigger crimp connectors
6* and try to get one half as round as possible (use sand paper or a nail file to make the cutting side smooth)
7* now pass all 4 ends of the rope onto the half connector that will function as slider (it's really tight)
8* then take two small connectors and keeping the narrower part toward the bracelet, slide two ends of the rope in each one
9* cut the excess of the rope and make the strings even, leave about 1/8" of rope hanging out of the connector
10* with the lighter, burn the excess rope and, while melting, tap it onto a smooth surface (glass, steel, cutting board) in a matter of seconds the nylon will harden and turn into plastic, and the connector will stay firmly in place.

The pack of connectors will be enough 
for quite few of these, 
one in each neon color you can possibly crave!!! 
{without breaking the bank}

xox, d.
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