Friday, March 9, 2012

typography challenge: WIP

The Typography challenge is almost up 
and all I've done so far is 
browsing and pinning for inspiration... 

But I finally found what I needed wanted to make!
it will be sort of like this...
image source: apartment132
it was sold for  $77, but at the moment the online store is under construction:
and I don't even know if they will still make these.

This will be great for my very very empty wall: 
even Lucky thinks that it's way too much white up there!!)

This is clearly one of these projects where the silhouette machine would come oh, so handy.
but I don't own one.
Instead, I have my hands, scissors and my trusty x-acto knife.
and a printer, too.

I bought some vinyl letters and some black vinyl contact paper.
$$$ spent: 15.
(still on the hunt for the clock mechanism...)

I will cut out the big numbers since they are big enough and easy to cut.
I opened a word document and printed out 1,2,3 and 9 using the Helvetica font - size 400.

And the birdie? Yes, it's the Twitter logo.
My vinyl clock will be a cuckoo... ;)

Stay tuned if you are curious to see how it will look like!!

xox, d.

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