Friday, March 30, 2012

trashcan gets a stylish makeover

If your trashcan could talk, 
what would it be saying to you?

You might have figured out by now that I have a hoarding problem 
... a hard time getting rid of things,
therefore I could think that if mine would talk would say something like:

Oh well, my trash can was a bit bitten up, 
being in plywood and not being treated too well over the past decade...

If your trash can get to be in plain air and visible, 
it better be pretty, right?

Yep, time for a makeover!

Check the before and after pictures of my trash can! 
cooooool, right?

Because there's a lot of black and white in the decor, 
I decided to stay with the same color palette.

This is another case of "just two coats of paint"
to give new life to something old.

1* the top was the most damaged part.

2* a good sanding job (after removing 3 bits of hardware, the leather handle and the rubber gasket at the bottom)

3* a coat of primer

4* added a line of white acrylic paint

5* applied the vinyl letters

6* and two coat of black opaque spray paint

7* removed the letters (and almost had a heart attack because some of the spray paint did go under!! - almost a major crisis of crafting fail!)

... get my patience, a little paintbrush and some white nail polish to fix it.

(you can still see from the first image that it is not perfect... whatever.
...Next time I might just buy white vinyl letters and get over it!)

xox, d.
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