Saturday, March 24, 2012

thank you, Pinterest

Thank you, Pinterest!
...because you're so addicting, it would really suck
to close down my account!!!

It is with joy and relief that today while logging into my Pinterest account, I found out that they are taking care of these issues, and their terms of use are undergoing a big change, and the new and improved terms of service, Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy will go in effect starting on April, 6th 2012.

Lately the blogland was overflowing with articles 
about Pinterest's terms of use which were kind of scary.

Many of us, {aka the Pinterest addicts} 
pinned this image on our boards fom

and this one from :

happy Saturday, y'all, and have a great day 
full of {P}interesting things!! ;)

xox, d.


  1. great news! :)
    I'm an addicted too! :):)

  2. so I can run to my boards and get addicted again!!!

  3. its great now that originality is protected! However, i do have some questions. What happens if we are not able to pin the picture form the website? for example facebook? Some facebook photos are so widespread that its hard to find a source website. So you'll have to open image direct link to pin it. Any advise?

    1. check the next comment from Truebluemeandyou... I didn't know how to pin from Facebook, but she's an expert! :)

  4. With facebook images you can use google's image search. If you install it as an app or extension (there are 4 different ways to use it) you can right click on a photo and see where it's been used on the web (really useful if you have a blog or if you have photos on the web now) and you can almost always find the source.

  5. meno male!
    grazie alla tua board avevo anch'io visto queste strane condizioni d'uso di Pinterest. Ma poi uno potrà reclamare dei diritti non suoi? Lo potranno pure scrivere ma non vuol dire che sia possibile.

  6. i never pinned from Facebook because i didn't know how. Live to learn!! thank you!!!


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