Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring has sprung!

 Happy Spring!

Technically, the first day of spring was yesterday. 
But I like to keep it on the 21st of March, 
since I'm so bad at remembering dates!

I took these pictures this morning, in a gorgeous sunny day.
The air smells delicious and the flowers are blooming everywhere in the front yard! (and so the weeds...)

And like every spring, I did a little of spring-cleaning (on the blog... does it count?)

You might have noticed few different things:

* took off the floating side bar (why did I even put it there? I never liked it!)

* took off the long list of link parties. Don't hate me, ladies! 
I don't have time to party anymore, but the page with all the blog buttons divided by day it's still there! ...but my blog looks neater.

* I moved up the "follow me with bloglovin ... thing". 
I read on many blogs that Google will turn off Google Friend Connect... I still have it on the side bar... but: just in case: click on the picture below and add me on your reading list! 
(pretty, please?)... thank you!

* I started to add to my reading list all the blogs that I follow; the good thing is: you can make groups... So my groups are: DIY, Fashion, Style and ...uncategorized.
But it's pretty cool that I'll be able to do my reading divided by section like in a real newspaper!
This is how my DIY list looks like (still growing.... eheh)

Are you in the list? Am I in yours yet??? ;)

... And last but not least... Looks like I'll be able to get back to make stuff on a regular basis!
It really feels refreshing like Spring ;) !!!

xox, d.

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