Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY quote on pillow

" I knit so I won't kill people."

...if you're a knitter (or a crocheter)
you know how much this quote is the truth, right?

... perfect quote for my knitting spot!

I saw this tote bag on Pinterest and I had to repin it right away.
{made by AstorKnot on Etsy ... this is screen printed on canvas}

I never did any screen printing (although it's on my 'to-try-list')... but I figured I could achieve quite a similar look making a freezer paper stencil (my first attempt with freezer paper, btw!)

So here I am:
because I have a laser printer, 
I had to print the quote on regular paper.
(freezer paper works on ink jet only)

I used the font Helvetica bold - size 200.

Then I taped the printed paper onto my cutting mat, the freezer paper on top of it, and started to cut out the letters with the x-acto knife.
Next step: I cut every line of the quote 1" over and 1" under the letters, since I liked the letters nicely squeezed into each others.

Then, pressed the stripes onto my canvas...
(dont' do this late at night, or you might press "I kill so I won't knit people" and you have to do it all over again... LOL!!!)

... Time to mix up some fabric paint using blue, white and a bit of yellow and a touch of red and get the colors ready!
Next morning... peel your freezer paper gently...
Iron on reverse.

Few seams and a zipper later... ta-duh! My knitting pillow.
Perfect on my knitting corner.

...and because my s-daughter learned to knit and she's all about sparkles and purple... I made her one, too! check it out here!!!

xox, d.
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