Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY Pucci neon chain belt

Neon + chain + tassel... 

= ok, I'll make it!

I saw online this pretty neon Pucci belt...

and the DIY light turned immediately on!
pics on the left from:

Not that I'm lacking of neon belts ... (check here for more ideas and tutorials!) but I really like this one with the chain and the tassel.
Best of all... again, I'm using things that I already have:
* neon yellow ropes (previously seen here!),
* chain

...and even if you have to go out and buy everything... the whole thing will be way less than 10 bucks!

Here's the shopping list:

Woven chain link belt tutorial with neon rope:

1* most important part!!! inside the nylon rope there is another thick material that keeps the rope sturdy... pull this out! This will make the rope thinner and softer.

2* weave the rope into  the chain, leaving about 1/2" at the beginning

3* leave a couple of chain links at the end without the rope, and cut the rope leaving the extra 1/2"

* 4 glue the excess rope around the chain link and onto the other side of the rope, on both ends of the belt

*5 attach the lobster clasp at the end of the side with all the chain links woven with the rope, using the split ring

... and this is done! {warning: the woven part it's tedious, since the rope will get tangled...)

Neon nylon tassel tutorial:

1* fold in half a piece of cardboard of double the length of the desire tassel
(my finish tassel measure 21 cm / 8-1/4" long)

2* place a piece of the nylon mason twine on the crease of the cardboard and tape it

3* wrap the cord around the cardboard

4* add few drops of glue on the top - the side with the rope taped on the cardboard

5* tie a double knot

6* cut the end of the wrapped rope - on the side where the cardboard is open in the middle

7* use the cord that you tied a knot on the top to wrap around and tie another double knot

8* open up a paper clip

9* slip it inside the "head" of the tassel

10* wrap the metal wire once

11* drill a hole in the plumbing end pipe cap and spray paint 

12* pass the end cap into the wire

13* insert the lobster clasp and wrap the wire around it - cut the excess wire

14* for an neat look, use your rule and the rotary cutter to cut the end of the tassel perfectly even! tassel?

xox, d.

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