Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY organization: all these beads and findings

While I was moving I showed you how I was organizing all my beads and findings, remember?
(it's HERE... in case you missed it!)

Anyway... That was working before, since all these boxes were inside a cabinet. 
A bit of a pain, every time I was looking for something specific, everything was getting out and about.

Well... Now I changed it and it's much MUCH better!
Here it is: my new and improved storage for beads and findings!
Love the fact that looks like a city skyline!

A trip to Leroy Merlin later, (it's like Home depot, with a french name!) and I found some tiny drawers organizers (these are meant for screws, nails and other "men" kind of things) and I ended up coming home with four. (hem...)

Big, pleasant surprise: these are sold as a set, but they are made of 12 single components and can be slide in and out creating a unit with the size you like...
I'm saying goodbye to all these random boxes and give all these pretty beads and findings a new and improved home!

I decided to go 'by color' rather than 'by category': 
before I had semi-precious beads in one box and sequins and beads in the others. 
But I believe that organizing by color will be easier and neater. 

Here how my shelves in the "soon to be ready" Crafty Basement in their "before and after" shot:

Lllllllove it!

xox, d.

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