Sunday, March 4, 2012

DIY organization: use a library card

Few years ago I went to an auction.
Like a real one, not an Ebay kind of thing.
Totally awesome!!
...And I came home with a library card.
42 tiny drawers for 90$... Big score!!

Of course I knew that these 42 drawers were meant to be filled with 
my craft supplies...
And the olive green color that I was so not crazy about...
has grown on me.

I wanted the tags to have an "old feeling", so I hand wrote all of them with a trace-letter...
of course to find out later from my husband that I could have done that with my printer by simply downloading the font... oh well. 

Sitting on top there are my auntie's old sewing machines... also green (still in working condition):
she used to make all kind of clothing and even her own shoes during World War II ... 

The luggage at the bottom of the cabinet belong to the big one "portable" sewing machine 
(you have no idea how heavy it is, it's all metal...).

...Anyway the big news is: 

Another couple of days for the lighting (as you can note from the pictures).

xox, d.
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