Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY MNZ 5 superballs necklace

This necklace is a fun, 
and definitely playful one!
It will take 10 minutes to make, 
and {last but not least}
less than 5$!!

left pic: MNZ - collage by moi

f-o-r   r-e-a-l

What you need:

Go to the closest toys store and treat yourself with 4 small superballs and one slightly bigger.
Do you have some leather cord? I thought so.
And a drill, for that we have dads/husbands/brothers ;) !!!

1* Because I didn't have a way to keep the superball in place while drilling, without the risk of drilling into my own fingers, I taped the superballs on the corner of a scrap piece of wood.

2* After the drilling, this is how it's going to look like, powdery and smells like burned plastic!

3* There now you have 5 giant rubber beads!

4* Tie a knot at about 2/3 of your leather cord.

5* Pass the leather cord into your rubber beads/ superball

6* Tie another knot

7* Repeat for 4 more times and... voila'!

Tie a knot on both ends of the leather cord and you're ready to sport your new necklace !

have fun! 
xox, d.


  1. This is too cute. Really like this idea of using superballs and getting to pick out patterns that I like!

    1. :) i did buy more out of these dispenser machines, because I wanted the pretty ones!!! thanks!!

  2. :-)))
    would it bounce when you trow that necklace on the floor ?

  3. You come up with the craziest ideas! So fun. Love your solution for drilling into them, I was wondering how you'd do it with the ball flying across the room. Great project~

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I just recently discovered your blog and have now made it one of my "must visit" sites. I am very impressed and inspired by your skill and creativity. I hope you keep blogging and sharing your design ideas -- I hope to someday be as talented as you!


    1. thank you Clover!!
      I hope to not disappoint your expectations. some days I'm into some 'serious' things, some others I like silly... feel free to ask questions if you want to make something! i'll be happy to help! xox, d.

  6. Taping the superballs on the corner of a scrap piece of wood while drilling is a great idea! I would never figure it out by myself.

    1. :) I asked my husband to keep the ball in place while drilling, he told me I was out of my mind! so I had to come up with something else!!! LOL!!! xox, d.


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