Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY McQ razor triple leather bracelet

I stumbled upon this bracelet from 
Alexander (the Great) McQueen. 
It's made out of brass and leather and retails for 66$: 
I made my own DIY version for... nothing.

Here they are: side by side!

pic on the left: 
I had everything {just needed some time}.

I knew.... somewhere I knew I had something... must be hidden somewhere in one of these boxes...

whooooaa! Found! 

I use to love this charm... it's {hem} very vintage.
{I was a teen at the time it was given to me.}
And hey, it's sterling silver! (ok, tarnished sterling silver)

Cleaned the charm, and start looking in the drawer where I keep all the buckles.
And here they are: two straps belonging to some sandals that don't even exist anymore!
Perfect: soft white pearly leather. ... My wrist is getting ready for summer!

I sew the second row on the straps (make sure to use a leather needle) and cut the excess length, the total length of the bracelet is 23" (including the charm).

I believe the few steps are pretty self-explanatory, right? McQueen... sweet!

xox, d.

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