Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY free hand Marimekko

The Crafty Basement has a very convenient kitchenette.
Not for cooking, which I don't do in a real kitchen, anyway, but for the crafty necessities.
It has a nice deep sink very much needed to rinse paintbrushes, and that kind of stuff.

picture on the left:
Needed soap. 
In a nice soap-dispenser and soap dish.
Found a not-so-nice very-boring white set for 5.99 E. 
Need customization.

I thought that giving a splash of colors would be the way to go, and since I love the Marimekko poppy (unikko) print I would give it a try.

Using the Pebeo Porcelaine 150 colors that I already had... 
I'm turning white into poppy...  
that's the DIY's math!
I know, the colors aren't the exact match...
{but I'm using my leftovers from this soap dispenser I made a while ago,
and my coral accessories for the powder bathroom...}

here's the how-to:
make a free hand Marimekko poppy print
in5 easy steps:

1- with the yellow-orange, make random polka dots (and ovals)
2- paint the red petals of the first and the third row of dots
3- paint the pink petals of the second and forth row of dots
4- paint the black pistils and stems
5- bake in your oven for 35 min at 300 F

... and you've got poppies!!!

xox, d.
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