Saturday, March 31, 2012

DIY: AMcQ pearl embroidered skull tank

This is the first {and might be the last} 
skull-related project on this blog:
that's because normally I'm not much of a "skull person".
Which is kind of strange, since I {heart} so much 
Alexander McQueen's creations.

But hey: I'm not perfect {just very-very close - ;) }

I saw this tank top on the Neiman Marcus site and almost collapsed at the 695$ price tag.

left pic: - collage by moi
Wearing it {of course, duh!} with my
DIY McQueen razor triple leather bracelet
I made last week! ;)

details - left pic: - collage by moi

Supplies needed:
{and let's do the math:}

- a tank top (I used an old Gap basic t-shirt)
- beads and pearls (4 different sizes)
- small piece of lace (yes, I used an old lace underwear... So what? It was clean!)
- needle and thread
I believe even if you have to buy everything you can fit into a 20$ budget

...But because I used everything I had on hand... 
mine was 100% free.
Extra needs for this projects: a couple of rainy afternoons... 

...and this is how I made it:

1*  take a screen shot of the detail and printed out on a full page
2*  then pin the paper onto the lace and cut the desired shape
3*  now, pin the lace onto the shirt 
4*  and sew the outline with a medium zig-zag stitch
5*  with a water removable marker, draw the outline of the skull onto the lace
6*  start with the bigger beads along the lines
7*  and then fill up the areas with the small glass beads
8* ... two rainy afternoons later... the skull shows its "face" {pun intended}

Now it's time to sew my armholes!
1* pin
2* best-thing-ever-sewing-jersey: my twin needles!
3* looks legit!

I could make it into a tank top, but I kind of like the "muscle-t" idea. I'll stay with it!

xox, d.
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